Thursday, October 21, 2010

Did Chuck "God made me guardian of Israel" Schumer just buy leadership of Senate Dems with $2 million "donation"?

Israel’s guardian sews up the Senate

(Mondoweiss) -- by Jeff Blankfort and Phil Weiss --

A few months back Chuck Schumer went to AIPAC and said that he had the name Schumer because Shomer means Guardian, and God had made him the guardian of Israel. He also finished, with a shout: "Ladies and gentlemen, Am Yisrael Chai. In Israel and America the Jewish nation lives now and forever." Soon after that he said that Gaza ought to be strangled. Charm has never been his strong suit.

Well Schumer just gave two "monster checks," worth $2 million, to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee last month, the Hill reports. Thus insuring that with Bobby Byrd dead, the Senate will vote 100-0 on pro-Israel legislation and Schumer will be the Demos as well as Israel's top man in the Senate.
Schumer's donations are sure to raise eyebrows because he himself is up for re-election this year, albeit against weak opposition. He is also widely expected to run for Senate Democratic leader if Reid loses his race in Nevada.

The gifts cement Schumer’s position as the Senate Democrats' biggest financial backer, and could make a difference if he makes a bid to lead Senate Democrats in the 112th Congress. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is seen as the other favorite to succeed Reid.
N.Y. Senator Chuck Schumer beleives God made him a shomer (guardian) not of New Yorkers, not of Americans, not of U.S. taxpayers...but of Israel

Chris Moore comments:

This case nicely illustrates how Zionist Jewry has clawed its way to the top in America: engage discrimination, ethnic racketeering and tribal networking to get ahead financially; use that money to corrupt and buy off the "goy" competition and insert itself into power, thus implicating many others in organized Jewish treachery and chicanery so they will keep their mouths shut now and in the future; constantly leverage the exponentially growing power and capital in order to corrupt, buy off, and implicate ever more members of the easily-corrupted post-Christian and pseudo-Christian Establishment. And before they know it, Zionist Jewry is the Establishment, and the rest of the "elite" have been implicated in its crimes against Americans and humanity.

Sad, really, that not only have so many lapsed-patriot Americans so readily sold out the country and its future to self-serving and warlike domestic and international Jewish nationalism, but that they've done it so cheaply -- hence proving once again that properly functioning Christianity is the primary force in Western Civilization that has historically kept the Judeofascists at bay, and the systematic destruction of Christianity by organized Jewry, statists, left-liberals, money-worshipping capitalists, "Christian" Zionists and other pathologically selfish and narcissistic elements has been crucial to Judeofascism's rise.

For those in search of the source of America's decline, that's a pretty good place to start. Thankfully, "anti-Semitic Europe," the cradle of Western Civilization and the historic center of Christianity and thus its more authentic incarnation, has figured much of this out, and is establishing a beachhead to protect itself from the predations of the Judeofascists and their putrefied allies.

Authentic Christians and patriotic Americans must establish beachheads of their own, and join their European allies to prepare the net that will be used to politically isolate and systematically marginalize and push out the Zionist lot -- hopefully all the way to Israel.

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