Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Judeofascist-partisan Big Media "liberals" revel in Sanchez' firing for disclosing Jewish domination of mainstream media

Jon Stewart finally breaks his silence over being branded a 'bigot' by sacked CNN anchor

(MailOnline) -- by Daily Mail Reporter --

He was always going to come back with a witty quip - it was just a matter of when.

Comedian and political satirist Jon Stewart finally spoke out last night about controversial comments by CNN anchor Rick Sanchez.

Cuban-American Sanchez was fired last week over remarks made on a Sirius radio show programme, where he branded Stewart a 'bigot' and claimed that the media was run by 'people like him' - a clear reference to Stewart's Jewish heritage.

At a charity event for autism last night, the Comedy Central faux news pundit couldn't resist taking a jab at Sanchez.

Opening the show, Stewart suggested that donors feeling guilty about something should donate money for the benefit's good cause.

He said: 'If you dented a car, $50. If you cheated on something to get ahead, $500. And if you went on radio and said Jews run the media, in that case you better hold onto your money.'

Then, suggesting that Jews actually do run the media, Stewart added: 'All he has to do is apologise to us and we'll hire him back.'

Even David Letterman got in on the act, explaining that he was in Manhattan over the weekend helping Sanchez 'clean out his office'.

And former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw joked that he and Stewart had more in common than each thought.

He said: 'In junior high I didn't want to sit next to Rick Sanchez either.'...MORE...LINK

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