Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Jews hate non-Jews, and how they ethnically-network to advance themselves and sabotage Gentile social cohesion

Notes on my racism, part 3: ‘My people’

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

The other day in a post on atavistic Jewish feeling, I offended some readers by using the words “my people” to describe Jews. I did so because it’s a genuine statement of a persistent tribal allegiance that I feel, even in my mid-50s, in a largely gentile world.

But let me try and explain just where the feeling comes from, how many other Jews share it, and to what extent I regard it as defensible, which to some extent I do.

As I’ve written before, I grew up in a bookish household with a very strong sense of how Jews were different and superior. Let’s leave the superior out of it; that’s not really the point of this post. We had different values and we were keenly aware of who was Jewish and who was not. We were more comfortable with Jews. The inner circle were NY Ashkenazi Jews but it spread out to include all European Jews and then all Jews anywhere, we thought of them as kinspeople. My parents’ closest friends were other New York Jews with whom they could share points of reference, Yiddish, and general cultural understanding and values. My mother’s favorite story just about was of a Jewish friend, her closest friend, who later moved to Israel, telling her that before she got married to her scientist husband, the fiance’s mother took her aside and said, “Do you really love J? You really do? Well then if you really loved him you would not marry him and let him find someone rich.” My grandparents generation were often immigrants, usually poor, and knew that learning – in that story, J was a gifted student—was socially highly-valued. Thus the Jewish doctor of a generation back (replaced today by the Jewish investment banker of Chelsea Clinton's adoration)...

The belief that They are going to Wipe Us All Out, which is supported by history, to some degree, I can tell you is shared by many powerful Jews. They’ve told me so. Shmuel repeatedly urges people to give up trauma as a form of self-definition, but I can tell you that many people don't take his advice, they are embracing it. Lately a friend when I asked him why he’s a Zionist said, Because they are always going to rise up against us, at some time or place. I don't share that feeling, but there it is.

My sense of my peopleness led me in college to seek out the company of other Jews at the Harvard Crimson newspaper, and to prefer the company of Jews in what struck me as an alien atmosphere. Yes, Ashkenazi Jews. Marty Peretz was a ringleader of the social studies Jews I knew, and there were haut German Jews, too, who were new to me, but still I had a sense of communality/caste identification. We saw each other as part of an elite with distinct values. When my mother asked me about my friends, I’d tell her about the Jews. My closest three friends were all Jews.

As I’ve said here often, I think that Jews hired other Jews. I know I’ve benefited from this full employment program on numerous occasins in my life. I think that Marty Peretz had me working at the New Republic when my work wasn’t that good in good part because I’m Jewish and was in the gang. I think that the editor who has given me more work than anyone, who will go nameless, loves me in part because we're of the same tribe. When you look at hives of Jewish writers, say the New Yorker Magazine, or the professors at Columbia University schools, I believe there is a strong kinship network at work. I've mentioned Lawrence Summers and Elena Kagan and Michael Walzer and Judith Shklar, their faculty networks at Harvard, as indicative of the same tendency.

Hey it was no different when the WASPs were running the center ring. Just read Digby Baltzell. Again, though, if you think it’s just a coincidence that David axelrod and Rahm Emanuel, the two men closest to Barack Obama, are Jewish, when the Pritzkers and Crowns were so essential to Obama’s rise, with financial backing, I think you’re livin in dream land...MORE...LINK


The Fog Horn said...

Yahweh, the god of the ancient Hebrews, was an imaginary volcano deity. Mount Sinai was his chosen 'holy hill' where he threw out his 'fire and brimstone' and 'rivers of fire.

Kind of has the potential to wipe the smiles of their faces don't you agree.

Anonymous said...

Yep, jews are very smart, the Chosen This is how the way the they have figured outbto be and live includes ALWAYS at the mercy of others and getting massacred with predictable regularity by every other nation they choose to live amongst.

Any idiot can predict Jewish persecution is coming big way the US where already 45 million Americans of all other races are confirmed antisites. From this low burning fire will the new fireball emerge.

If jews were so smart they would have figured out way to live independent of non Jews good will or patience. Even right now Israel only exists because of US support. Once US ceases Israel is no longer. It is a catch 22; if Jews emigrate to Israel because of fears of being killed in the US, US support for Israel will collapse, if Jews do not leave for Israel they will persecuted in the US.

The cycle of individual Jewish achievent and collective persecution will happen over and over until Judaism or the World ends. Obviously Judaism will dissapear first, together with Christianity and Islam. I have no idea how or when.

Jews now in their bones, literally, Americans, like all others have will turn on the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Jews always wear out their welcome. It will happen here in the US too.

Anonymous said...

Check out what they did to Germany in WW2 and not the other way around....they controlled everything, including keeping the people they needed after the war to form Israel, save. The German codes were broken by 1942, so everything that went on anywhere in German territory was well known. Not one single bomb ever landed on any concentration camp. Not one. Until the very end of the war when they bomed all supply lines. See: THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD *TGSNT.TV*

Hiss-Real Hiss-Lamb said...

The twelve tribes started-out diluting itself when the boys got married and had children
with foreign wives/concubines (which were the only ones available to them then@tribes-start).
The whole Dinah incident/Schechem genocide left them also with foreign sex slaves/concubines/offspring.

Thus (as the New Testament makes clear), we are all Israel who believe
(presumably in who is titled (mistakenly named) JC
(Emmanuel whose parents Mary & Joseph's last name was not Christ).

Any claims of superiority (and some Talmud, etc. beliefs & practices they have against others)
have always been the cause of their persecutions (i.e. not for no reason@all).