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"Christian" Zionists, White nationalists, Judeofascists and atheist-materialists vs. Christianity and Western civilization

(By Chris Moore) -- White nationalists are increasingly taking up the problem of Christian Zionism and its deleterious effects on America and the White race. The latest entry on this subject is from Occidental Observer's Rob Lonaker:
Jewish organizations beguile Christians in various ways, including leading them (1) to ignore Jewish mistreatment of Palestinians; (2) to believe Israel’s interests are more important than America’s and are morally sufficient to wage unprovoked wars; and (3) to pay Jews’ travel expenses for aliyah, their immigration to Israel.

Christian Zionists believe that Jews are the primary chosen people of God, Christians being the secondary, and that the elevation of Israel’s interests above all else is a prerequisite to the occurrence of wonderfully desirable end-time events: Armageddon, the “rapture,” the Apocalypse, and the second coming of Christ.

In Matt Parrott’s interview of Kevin MacDonald, both gentlemen lament (at 30:00) the exploitation of Christian Zionists by the Israel Lobby. If indeed the Old Testament represents a blueprint for a Jewish group evolutionary strategy based on a return to worldly power in a Jewish state, it is not surprising that it would contain passages that support Jewish interests...
Lonaker then muses on the best way to bring Christian Zionists to their senses, finally turning to the crypto-Marxist, Christian-hating, militant atheist and secular humanist sociopath Richard Dawkins:
Rather than argue that Christian Zionists have misinterpreted certain Bible passages, why not take a critical, rational approach? Based on its tales of impossibility, its contradictions, and the lack of evidence for all its supernatural claims, the Bible is false. Its historical narrative is replete with inaccuracy, anachronism, and unadulterated balderdash...

Of Poseidon, Thor, Zeus, and Apollo, Richard Dawkins wrote, “We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.”

My parallel: Most Christians are suckered by many Jewish myths in the Bible. Christian Zionists just go a few paragraphs further.
The irony of all of this is that there's a subtext to Christian Zionism that I’ve heard many White nationalists explicitly appeal to as well, going something along the lines of this: "Israel and the Jewish people are essentially in the same position as Whites -- under siege from the dusky hordes -- and White nationalists can learn from the Jewish people about how to survive long-term in a hostile environment."

In this formulation, White nationalists and Jewish nationalists are all “teammates,” just as Christian Zionists and Jewish Zionists are teammates.

The reason all of the above are completely deluded, misguided, and possibly suicidal is that Whites have prospered to their highest levels within the embrace of Western civilization, which always was a multi-cultural enterprise grounded in consciously Jewish-antithesis Christianity.

Whites are shrinking and dying, in part, because they have turned their backs on authentic, Jewish-antithesis Christianity, and are instead following this trajectory:

Christianity (Catholicism) to Western civilization to Protestantism to identification with Jews to insatiable greed, religious narcissism or secular humanism/atheist materialism to near extinction.

The correct path is back towards and ideal variation of Western civilization, one which balances out Catholicism, Protestantism, and any other denomination, and generally keeps itself grounded and united by Christianity, will tolerate other religions so long as they respect Christianity as the ongoing moral authority, but will not tolerate any subversion or attacks from organized Jewry or Islamists (the inciters of which should be summarily repatriated to their spiritual homelands) or any other subversives who seek to overthrow Western civilization, such as money-worshippers, Globalists and Marxists.

Following the Jewish nationalists, whether willfully (Christian Zionism) or implicitly (White nationalism) is a recipe for misery and suicide. Despite being the oldest ongoing racialist-religion on earth, the Jews have a minuscule population for a reason: in their organized state (and often even individually), they’re narcissistic, subversive, insatiably greedy, bigoted, confrontational and generally loathsome, authoritarian, control-freaks -- as are larger and larger numbers of the dying, Jewish-emulating White race. Indeed, modern American society is increasingly warmongering, angry, warped, festering, seething and teeth-gnashing -- all characteristic of the Jewish way of life.

In addition to generally being a miserable way to live, all of this leads to blowback and self-destruction from both internal and external forces, and shrinkage to the point of siege.

But let's not get too long winded. A simpler way of conveying this reality to slow-on-the-uptake Christian Zionists and other similarly deluded souls, including implicitly Jewish nationalist-emulating White nationalists, might be: the Judeofascists are in a deal with the Devil, and following in their footsteps means death.

To comprehend and defeat spiritual evil, which the Judeofascists channel, mandates rejecting not only the "modern" Jewish-emulating way of life, but also rejecting modernistic, sociopathic Marxist and Darwinist "survivalist" models, and simultaneously embracing the spiritually good, traditional, anti-Jewish interpretation of Christianity that built Western civilization.

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