Monday, November 22, 2010

Clever Ashkenazi Jewish elite try to scapegoat "crude" Russian Jews as carriers of virulent racism--but it’s the Zionism, stupid

Israel’s ashkenazi elite, not Russian immigrants, are responsible for the country’s ever increasing racism

(Mondoweiss) -- by Gabriel Ash --

Before syphilis was baptized with its modern name, it used to be called the "French disease" in Italy, Poland and Germany, the "Italian disease" in France, the "Spanish disease" in the Netherlands, the “Polish disease” in Russia and the “Christian disease” in Istanbul. Something quite similar appears to be today the fate of overt racism. Bad people always seem to be bringing it from elsewhere. For some unfathomable reason nobody wants to claim ownership.

Thus, of all places in Israel, Yossi Gurvitz informs us that “disregard of human rights, contempt for democracy and the democratic process, and rampant racism towards 'uncivilized people', such as Asians or Muslims” are symptoms of the Soviet system, the portrait of a homo sovieticus...

Russian immigrants do hold more authoritarian and racist news than average Jewish Israelis, but what Gurvitz does with facts such as this is crude. He presents a one tone stereotype of a “Lieberman voter.” Do really people vote for Lieberman because they are “isolated from the outside world?” Do issues of class, resource allocation, power and identity have nothing to do with that vote? Then he attributes that caricature to “the soviet system.” Is “blind acceptance of claims made by authority” really the result of living under the soviet system? I was born in a communist country, and the people I know took from the experience a general belief that claims made by state authorities are lies. Perhaps I am not as well informed about Soviet life as Gurvitz. Finally, he asserts that these racist attitudes inherent in Russians made Israel more racist, a very questionable claim. What motivates Gurvitz’s anger?

Gurvitz assures us that he knows all about Israel’s history. Unfortunately he shows little effort to draw insight from this knowledge. Let us begin with the end: Gurvitz says that “there is something exceptionally loathsome in an émigré whose politics are based on the idea of expelling the native population.”

Israel exists by virtue of Jews arriving from Europe and expelling the native population. Granted that what Lieberman is proposing is loathsome, how is it exceptionally loathsome relative to the very foundation of Israel and its continuing refusal to allow the return of the expelled Palestinians? Were not the Palmach troops composed of and led by émigrés? Isn’t the very expression of “exceptional” outrage here a mean to normalize and naturalize the original outrage?

The expulsion of 1948 is not only the foundational act of Israel’s creation. Crucially, it is the foundation of the distribution of wealth in Israel. By and large, Israelis possess wealth to the extent that they or their families were close to this act of original dispossession. The wealthiest, most powerful, most connected Israelis, which Gurvitz identifies, following Kimmerling, as “ahusalim” (secular Ashkenazi veteran socialist nationalists), were those whose families directly profited from the expulsion. The domination of this group over other subordinated groups was and is based on the control of the resources primarily grabbed through that expulsion...

Supporting white Ashkenazi (ahusalim, if one prefers) domination in Israel, in addition to having no moral justification, is, to the extent that the past is any indication, a recipe for further disaster. That is a good reason why the racialization of “fascism” in Israel as a Soviet import that Gurvitz offers as analysis should be politely turned down...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Actually, it's the Judeofascism, stupid.

The writing is on the wall; the "post-Christian," pseudo-secular Judeofascist order is increasingly in disarray...fraying, crumbling, and on the verge of collapse...and when it goes, it will take its corrupt, Zionist-complicit, statism-exploiting Left-Right Goy collaborators, who together have plundered America and the West and steered them straight into the ground, right down to the bottom with it.

Good riddance, but what will emerge in its place? A return to the traditional Christian moral order that built Western civilization, or some variation thereof, seems to be on deck.

Time for the warmongering Judeofascists and their degenerate, materialism-worshipping Goy partners in crime to go back underground and into the sewers, where they belong.

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