Friday, November 05, 2010

In post-Christian America's highest-bidder "democracy," deep-pocket Jewish Democrats mostly landed on their feet despite GOP surge

Jewish candidates secure major wins in House, Senate

(Jerusalem Post) -- by JPOST.COM STAFF --

...In an election year with much of the American media discussing the large amounts of anonymous private and corporate donations being used to influence election campaigns, perhaps it was no surprise to see Russ Feingold, the veteran democratic senator and advocate of campaign finance reform from Wisconsin, fall behind his Republican challenger Ron Johnson. Feingold pulled in 47.1% of the vote compared to Johnson's 51.9%.

One of a small but growing number of Jewish Republican candidates, Virginia Representative and House Whip Eric Cantor won his re-election bid with nearly double the votes, pulling in 59.4% compared to 34.1% for Democratic challenger Rick Waugh...

All told, by The Jerusalem Post's count, at least eight Jews ran for seats in the US Senate, 23 for the House and two for state governorships.

Here are the results for other Jewish candidates who were bidding for seats in the House and Senate:


- Arizona: Rodney Glassman (D), lost with 34.6% compared to 59.2%

- Colorado: Michael Bennet (D), won with 47.5% compared to 47.1%

- Ohio: Lee Fisher (D), lost with 39% compared to 57.3%

- New Hampshire: Paul Hodes (D), lost with 36.5% compared to 60.4%

- New York: Charles Schumer (D), won with 65.5% compared to 32.9%


- Arizona: Gabrielle Giffords (D), won with 48.6% compared to 47.6%

- Florida: Alan Grayson (D), lost with 38.2% compared to 56.2%
Ron Klein (D), lost with 45.7% compared to 54.3%

- Illinois: Jan Schakowsky (D), won with 65.9% compared to 31.5%

- Kentucky: John Yarmuth (D), won with 54.5% compared to 44.1%

- Massachusetts: Barney Frank (D), won with 53.9% compared to 43.4%

Nevada: Shelley Berkley (D), won with 61.7% compared to 35.3%

- New Jersey: John Adler (D), lost with 47.2% compared to 50.1%
Steve Rothman (D), won with 60.4% compared to 38.3%

- New York: Eliot Engel (D), won with 70.7% compared to 24.6%
Steven Israel (D), won with 56.6% compared to 42.6%
Nita Lowey (D), won with 61.8% compared to 38.2%
Anthony Weiner (D), won with 58.5% compared to 41.5%
Randy Altschuler (R), lost with 49.1% compared to 50.9%
Gary Ackerman (D), won with 62.4% compared to 36.9%

- Pennsylvania: Allyson Shwartz (D), won with 56.4% compared to 43.6%

- Rhode Island: David Cicilline (D), won with 50.6% compared to 44.6%

- Tennessee: Steve Cohen (D), won with 74% compared to 25.1%

- Wisconsin: Steve Kagen (D), lost with 45.1% compared to 54.9% ...MORE...LINK
Barney Frank with "friends": Just one of multiple Jewish Zionist candidates to "score" victory for the Zionist team. Eric Cantor, the powerful new GOP Jewish Zionist Senate majority whip, is pictured whispering in the ear of John McCain, below.

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