Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Zionist psychology, tactics and modes of thought have been transplanted into the American consciousness by...who?

The Israelification of America

(War in Context) -- by Paul Woodward --

As the Transportation Security Administration faces a barrage of criticism, some indignant Americans are calling for the “Israelification” of US airports — as though the security procedures used in a tiny Middle Eastern ethnocracy with one international airport could easily be scaled up for America.

Ironically, Israelification is not what we need — it’s what we already have.

Consider the real outrages of the last decade that, simply because they were done in the name of national security, the majority of Americans found tolerable:

--a global war on terrorism that led to massive increases in defense spending, the creation of multiple new intelligence and security agencies, and Washington’s enslavement to fear-based politics — that was OK;
--with disregard for international law, the invasion of Iraq on a false pretext — that was OK;
--the kidnapping, secret imprisonment and torture of individuals most of whom had nothing to do with 9/11 — that was OK;
--the authorization of warrantless wiretaps — that was OK;
--the implementation of a remote-controlled assassination program — that was OK;
--in short, the normalization of war crimes all of which were deemed justifiable because of 9/11 — that was OK;
--but “don’t touch my junk” — there are limits to what Americans will tolerate...

Which brings me back to my initial claim that the Israelification of America is already deeply entrenched. Israel’s fear of the Arab world has been transplanted into American consciousness to such a degree that we are moving toward the absurd conclusion that if this country operated even more like Israel than it already does, then we would be able to feel as safe as the Israelis do...MORE...LINK

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