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Jewish apologists from Left to Right crucial to machinations of murderous Judeofascist ruling class from Bolshevism through Zionism

In the 1930s: Chapter 19 of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s “200 Years Together”
(Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

The project of translating Alexandr Solzhenitisyn’s 200 Years Together into English continues apace. The 18,000-word Chapter 19, “In the 1930s” is now available (see here). The decade of the 1930s was tragic almost beyond description. The main idea advanced by Solzhenitsyn is that all segments of Soviet society suffered, including Jews who had been members of the elite. However, the suffering of Jews pales in comparison to the suffering of the Ukrainian and Russian farmers undergoing forced collectivization. Moreover, Jews were never targeted as Jews, and in general Jews remained vastly overrepresented in elite positions throughout the period, even after the purges.

Solzhenitsyn emphasizes the culpability of the West. The brutal process of industrialization was carried out with the cooperation of Western merchants and bankers eager to do business with the Soviet Union. Such commercial cooperation had been prohibited under the Czars because Jewish activist organizations had pressured governments not to do business with Russia because of its treatment of Jews — much as there are now sanctions against trading with Iran because of the concerns of the Israel Lobby. As we also see today, financial and commercial interests were not concerned with ideological commitment to capitalism or with human rights but simply sought to expand their profits. Trade was allowed because there was the perception in the West that “Soviet power would not oppress the Jews, but on the contrary, that many of them would remain at the levers of power.”

And indeed, many Jews did remain in positions of power. As usual, Solzhenitsyn is at his trenchant best when he skewers the historical blind spots of Jewish apologists. This one is particularly precious: “In the 1980s we see assertions like this: in the Soviet times, the Jews in the USSR were ‘practically destroyed as a people; they had been turned into a social group, which was settled in the large cities as a social stratum to serve the ruling class.’”

The outrageous claim that Jews were mere pawns being manipulated by a nefarious ruling class is ridiculous because, as Solzhenitsyn notes, in fact “Jews were to the large extent members of the ‘ruling class.’” While the rest of the country suffered from mass murder, starvation, and political oppression, the government’s efforts were directed at “improved provisioning, furnishing and maintenance” of the urban areas where Jews predominated...MORE...LINK

Chirs Moore comments:

I suppose someday Jewish apologists will attempt maintain that the (at least) 139 of the Forbes 400 who are Jewish were simply “used” by the “real” elites to take the fall if capitalism ever went into major disrepute.

The whole victim shtick, no matter how much power, wealth or privilege they attain, is part of Jewry’s swindle. MacDonald apparently believes it’s at least partially self deception, but I believe it’s nearly wholly premeditated strategy.

Because in modern times the Internet exposes any thinking people to all manner of viewpoints and perspectives and realities, the excuse that the bulk of Jewry might not be responsible for its group actions, or is being manipulated or put under some sort of coercion or thought control, simply won’t fly much longer; indeed, Jewry’s ongoing embrace of Zionism, despite the troves of available evidence as to its viciousness, institutional racism and supremacism, belies any claims that their behavior isn’t fully self-serving and volitional.

In typical Jewish-Left swindler fashion, "intellectuals" like Noam Chomsky try to get around this by claiming America is pulling Israel’s strings, and always has. Next, he’ll probably say that the racist rabbis who recently actually came out bragging about how ‘racism originated in the Torah’ and is justified when institutionalized by Jewry are actually anti-Semitic CIA plants.

It’s obvious that the Jewish Right, which shapes Jewry’s arrogant, entitled and gangster view of the world, and the “intellectual” Jewish Left, which goes about manufacturing complex smokescreens and “proving” that Jews are really the victims of nefarious Gentile masterminds who are the “real power,” are actually working as a cohesive team, despite how we are constantly assured otherwise.

Judeofascists will never take any responsibility or accountability for their past mass murder or ongoing crimes against humanity, because doing so would jeopordize future epic ponzi schemes and plans for even more totalitarian mass murder to cover their tracks.

If they are ever to be held accountable, it will have to be imposed from above by non-Jews -- and don't ever expect any help from "bleeding heart" Jewish apologists of any stripe in attaining historical justice. They are a crucial component of Bolshevik/Zionist Jewry's ongoing murderous swindle.


Joe [in comments]: No Other race thinks about Universals, racial equality, Equality generally, and so on. We are natural-born suckers. And are thus the prey-of-choice for Jews. Asians would and will dispose of Jews lickity-split.

Whites certainly seem to have lost all common sense and civilizational consciousness. I believe this happened when they compromised their Christianity and sold their souls in exchange for modern “secular” statism and materialism (with some adapting their “Christianity“ around what actually amounted to a selfish and greedy materialism-first belief system) — all of which was the perfect means through which to be infiltrated, subverted, co-opted and eventually destroyed by hostile organized Jewry.

Supremaicst Jews hate Christianity and Western civilization because both are historically “anti-Semitic.” Thus, it only follows that “progressive” secular and atheist materialist ideologies would be implemented and utilized by Jewry over time to provide them the opening they needed to destroy their most hated enemies from within, riding in on the Trojan horse that liberals and money hungry captialists like to celebrate as "secularism" and "pluralism" (but examined more closely amount to Jewish supremacism and Zionism.)

Thus, a return to the traditional Christian order is a return to the common-sensical grounding that Whites have lost, but Asians and some others still possess, but without simultaneously adopting orientalism’s unrefined and often brutal political and social methods.

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