Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jewish supremacists revert back to their Bolshevik gulag "final solution" paradigm

The Zionists Behind FEMA Camps

(Real Zionist News) -- by Nathanael Kapner --

Chris Moore comments:

Going all the way back to the Jewish Bolsheviks, supremacist Jewry has been obsessed with utilizing government camps (gulags) for mass imprisonment, ethnic transfer, indoctrination, and murder. This is because it is fully aware of its own illegal and sinister machinations, and knows that sooner or later, the Gentile masses will become aware themselves, and enact reprisals.

Through much of European history, these reprisals were considered by criminal Jewry to be a cost of doing business, and Jewry was regularly and justifiably held accountable for its crimes by the Christian majority and purged from or harassed in country after country on a semi-regular basis when its crimes or chicanery finally caught up with it.

But in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with the help of Machiavellians like Marx, Jewry calculated that if it could get control of the levers of government, IT could use Big Government to see to it that it was never held accountable for its crimes, but rather those who indicted and condemned criminal Jewry would be the ones punished for blowing the whistle; and if it felt the least bit threatened, it could turn the full force of the people on THEMSELVES via Big Government, which is the means by which Zionists and their collaborators leverage taxpayer money against the best interests of the majority on behalf of a criminal minority.

Brother Nathanael is correct that organized resistance to all of this in the military and elsewhere is afoot, which in part is what groups like The Oath Keepers are all about.

Not surprisingly, Jewry has ordered Zionist fronts like Southern Poverty Law Center to harass and demonize these patriotic American groups, but the tail can only wag the dog for so long. The writing is on the wall, and all that’s standing between Christians and victory is Jewish owned and ideological Zionist politicians on the Bolshevik and neoliberal Left and the neocon Right who form a Thin Kosher Line.

Once that line is broken comes the deluge…and the proverbial guillotine. Amen.


The Internet is the development that supremacist Jewry was unable to anticipate and monopolize.

It’s the game-changing wild card that has a life of its own, and is increasingly making traditional mass media irrelevant. Just look at how futile government attempts to contain the highly damaging Wikileaks have been.

Defeatists and fatalists simply refuse to acknowledge that Christianity and Western civilizations have ruled out once and will rule out in the end, and that compared to just 10 or 15 years ago, millions of Americans are more “Jew wise” than they have ever been, and the number is growing exponentially — almost entirely thanks to the Internet.

Fatalism and defeatism are deadly sins that fall under the category of sloth (historically also labeled acedia or despair).

Fatalism and defeatism are demoralizing and virulent, and should be repelled and shunned.

The evil Zionists want us all to believe they are invincible and inevitable, so we shouldn’t even bother resisting, and that they are chosen by God to rule over us. Those who agree with this narrative fall right into their trap.

Jesus Christ died at the hands of Judeofascists and their lackeys so we wouldn’t have to; defeatists spit in the face of his sacrifice.

So to all defeatists: either buck up, cut the woe-is-me, hangdog fatalism, and get busy spreading the good word, or just keep your mouths shut.

Poisoning the well is an anti-Christian, Jewish enterprise.

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