Friday, December 17, 2010

Jewish Zionist propagandist Jeffrey Golberg says Europe fracturing from (Zionist occupied) U.S. over boycott of Israel

The New Israel Fund Leaves the BDS Swamp

(The Atlantic) -- by Jeffrey Goldberg --

The New Israel Fund, the group that funds civil liberties organizations and other progressive causes in Israel, is taking a clearer stand against the so-called Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement. Daniel Sokatch, who runs the Fund, e-mailed Goldblog the new policy:
The NIF opposes the global BDS movement, views the use of these tactics as ineffective and counterproductive and is concerned that segments of this movement seek to undermine the existence of the state of Israel.

NIF will not fund global BDS activities against Israel nor support organizations that have global BDS programs.
I'm sure alert readers will find holes in this statement -- I've find a little tear, which I will mention below -- but this does seem like an improvement over the group's previous policy, which had elements of squish in it. Because I'm running a campaign on this blog against the cheap deployment of Nazi imagery in argument-making, I am going to resist the urge to point out that the European-centered campaign to launch an economic boycott of the world's only majority-Jewish country smacks of something historically unpleasant, except now I didn't resist the urge. But I do actually think it's a fair analogy, and the BDS movement, like no other anti-Israel propaganda campaign, has sent chills down the collective Jewish spine precisely because economic boycotts have been, throughout history, used to hurt Jews. This is why I was slightly taken aback by Sokatch's statemen that, "segments of this movement seek to undermine the existence of the state of Israel." I would say that undermining the existence of the state of Israel is this movement's raison d'etre...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Jeffrey Goldberg is an American born Jewish Zionist who moved to Israel and worked as an IDF prison guard for the Israeli army before moving back to America in order to propagandize for the Jewish state.

The Atlantic magazine is a long term Zionist front.

No surprise that the Zionists, who despise Western civilization and its European Christian cradle, are attempting to orchestrate a schism between the U.S. and Europe, which is increasingly refusing to follow America over the cliff in pursuit of a Jewish supremacist agenda, including wars fought for Israel in the Mideast. Because of Europe's Christian foundation, it has proven less vulnerable to Zionist takeover than modern, government-enforced "secular" (read Jewish supremacist) liberal-capitalist America, which the Jewish network has easily managed to infiltrate and dominate.

Authentically Christian Americans like Pat Buchanan, of course, have been attempting to fend off this Zionist takeover for decades, but to no avail, as there were simply to many greedy, Judeo-Christian Zionist neocons and depraved left-liberal neolibs to contend with; plus, Jewish Zionists were able to infiltrate and co-opt American power and propaganda centers like Congress, Wall Street, Hollywood, and mainstream media.

To this day, many Americans don't even realize their country is being held hostage by an increasingly irrational, violent, authoritarian and sociopathic ideology, but for even the die hard right-wing greedsters and liberal narcissists, Zionist occupation and all of its works (like economic bubbles, endless wars, massive unemployment, Big Government authoritarianism and relentless plunder of the people), are becoming increasingly difficult to deny. Hence, Jewish Zionists want to isolate America from its historical European-Christian roots in order to bleed the country dry for as long as possible. They are being greatly helped in this effort by Gentile, ideologically Zionist allies, who themselves are guilty of the worst kind of Judas treason imaginable.

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