Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"No Labels" easily labeled as just another Jewish Zionist and neocon-neolib front/power grab

No Labels = the Ignorant Middle

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The American electorate seldom demonstrates an ability to resist the appeals of slick marketing and charlatan candidates. The "so called" swing vote is the battleground where every election is fought. View the vast middle as the ill-equipped idiots that continually waste their vote on establishment surrogates who always protest the corporate/state as their primary campaign pledge. They spin it with charming platitudes, but in the end, they shield their corporate masters.

In spite of this perennial passion play a recent Gallup Poll Puts Congressional Approval at Lowest in History. "83 percent polled over the weekend said they disapprove of Congress' performance. The 13 percent who do approve makes for the lowest approval rating ever". A twist on buyer’s remorse, provided from the Republican/Democratic one party dynasty. So what is the alternative? Get ready for the seal of approval and focus group tested "No Labels" campaign.

The New York Observer sums up New York Times columnist David Brooks this way: "He suggested that a bipartisan group like No Labels is necessary to aid those politicians who step out of party lines for the greater good". Wonder just who some of these bipartisan politicians might be?

The Christian Science Monitor shares some light on this search.
"Monday’s launch of a new movement called Nolabels.org – an effort to get beyond the hyperpartisanship that infuses Washington – can’t help but keep the "will Bloomberg run" question alive. The daylong rollout was held in New York City, and Mayor Bloomberg, a political independent, was a marquee participant. And Nolabels’ centrist approach to policy fits his own message, laid out just last week in a campaign-style speech on the economy. The billionaire Bloomberg’s willingness to self-fund as a politician has been amply demonstrated in his three successful runs for New York mayor, and he reportedly considered running for president in 2008".
Such a shining example of populism and ordinary people like Bloomberg must be different from the standard party hack, do you agree? Gee, what party tag is he using this time . . .?

The Politico views this non-party label a little different.

"The group "No Labels" kicked off its first conference Monday at New York's Columbia University with just one label largely absent: "Republican."
The non-partisan initiative with the slogan, "Not Left. Not Right. Forward", is seeking to fill what the American people regularly tell pollsters is the vital center: a non-ideological space where the commitment is to getting things done. And its speakers—who ranged from Republican moderates like ex-Virginia Rep. Tom Davis to liberal Democrats like New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand—sang the praises of cooperation and compromise.

But the only Republicans present at Columbia University's modern, square Alfred Lerner Hall seemed to be those who had recently lost primary races, such as South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis and Delaware Rep. Mike Castle, or former Republicans like Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg".
Wow, could this be a clan of mostly losers or wannabees just masquerading as moderates?

Emily Esfahani Smith, managing editor of the Hoover Institution journal, name names:

"No Labels' purpose is to fight hyper-partisanship in politics, to be the "centrist equivalent to the tea-party movement on the right and MoveOn on the left." Does it surprise you that David Frum is one of the organization's founding leaders? So are Republican strategist Mark McKinnon and Democratic fundraiser Nancy Jacobson"...MORE...LINK

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