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Engineered by Hollywood Jewry, 'V For Vendetta' filled with anti-Christian imagery, designed to shill for Zionist/Judeofascist true totalitarians

V for Zionism

(Revolt of the Plebes) -- by Keith Johnson --

On December 14, 2010, 56-year-old Clay Duke attended a board meeting of the Bay School District in Panama City, Florida. After a few minutes of deliberation, the meeting was opened up to the local citizenry. That’s when Duke rose from his seat, walked to a nearby wall, and spray-painted the letter “V” inside a red circle. The scrawl was a direct reference to the film V for Vendetta, whose hero—a masked vigilante named “V”—uses the same symbol as his signature trademark. Duke then pulled a gun, and ordered the room to be cleared of all but six board members.

“I’m going to die today,” said Duke, as he paced around the podium.

Duke had fallen on hard times. Like so many Americans, he was broke and unemployed. His wife, Rebecca, had been laid off from her job—with the same school district—and was about to receive her last unemployment check. To make matters worse, Duke suffered from a bi-polar disorder and was off his meds. He’d reached his breaking point, and decided to take his own life as a way out of his desperate situation. Unfortunately, he also planned to take a few people with him.

Two of the board members tried to reason with Duke, but to no avail. After a few minutes, he raised his firearm and began shooting. Luckily, none of the bullets made contact with his intended victims. Duke, however, was not so lucky. A security guard returned fire from behind and shot him in the leg. He fell to the ground and turned his gun on himself. That was the end of Clay Duke.

The incident received nationwide coverage, with the mainstream media placing heavy emphasis on Duke’s mental instability and past run-ins with the law. They were also very deliberate in their efforts to characterize him as a delusional paranoid...

Prior to his action, Duke posted this statement on his Facebook page:

“My Testament: Some people (the government sponsored media) will say I was evil, a monster (V)… no… I was just born poor in a country where the Wealthy manipulate, use, abuse, and economically enslave 95% of the population. Rich Republicans, Rich Democrats… same-same… rich… they take turns fleecing us… our few dollars… pyramiding the wealth for themselves. The 95%… the us, in US of A, are the neo slaves of the Global South. Our Masters, the Wealthy, do, as they like to us…”

Again, this doesn’t sound like a man who is completely ‘off his rocker.’ You have to admit that he was quite prophetic in his prediction that the “government sponsored media” would say that he was “evil” and “a monster.” They have, in fact, done just that. But what do you make of the rest of his observations? Do any of you, in this so-called ‘patriot movement’ of ours, see anything in there that you’d disagree with?

For the most part, the patriot movement has been careful to avoid applauding Duke for his actions. But that doesn’t mean they’ve been un-sympathetic. Unlike the mainstream press, the citizen’s media has been correct in pointing out that Duke, himself, was a victim of this tragic event. He was the victim of an economy that has been deliberately engineered to collapse, of a pharmaceutical industry that prescribes dangerous psychotropic drugs, and of a Zionist controlled Hollywood that produces films like V for Vendetta.

Oh, Boy! I just heard a thousand jaws hit the floor as they read the end of that last paragraph. You were all with me about the “economy,” the “pharmaceutical industry,” and maybe even about “Zionist controlled Hollywood.” But many of you were certainly ready to part ways with me for suggesting that there may be something insidious behind one of the patriot movement’s most cherished films.

In terms of cinematic fiction, V for Vendetta has become a cult classic among many patriots. It ranks right up there with 1984 and The Matrix...

For those not familiar with the film, here is the basic premise:

In the near future, Britain is ruled by a totalitarian government under the fascist Norsefire party. Evey Hammond, a young woman who works at the state-run British Television Network, is rescued from an attempted rape perpetrated by members of the secret police by a Guy Fawkes-masked vigilante known as “V”. He leads her to a rooftop to watch his destruction of the Old Bailey. Norsefire tries to explain away the incident as a controlled demolition, claiming the building was no longer structurally sound, but V takes over the state television broadcast the next day, exposing the lie. He urges the people of Britain to rise up against the oppressive government and meet him in one year, on 5 November, outside the House of Parliament Houses, which he promises to destroy.
Christian imagery inserted into 'V For Vendetta' in order to conflate Christianity with villainy
Patriots love films that are set in a dystopian future, where ‘lone wolf’ vigilantes take on ‘the system’ and sometimes sacrifice their own lives to inspire future generations to take up the cause from where they left off. Zionist controlled Hollywood understands this, and is more than happy to accommodate. They have their ear to the ground, and are fully aware of the rising patriot movement, and of the vast political awakening that has occurred since 9/11. Not only do they want to cash in on these disenfranchised people, but they also want to win them over to help propagate the Zionist agenda. They realize a revolution is imminent, and they want to make sure that they are instrumental in engineering and controlling that revolution.

If we are to believe that the New World Order is in control of Hollywood, and that they use all mediums to spread their propaganda, then we must be careful to scrutinize every little thing they offer us. Why would the NWO allow a film to be produced that inspires people to challenge their authority? Only the most naïve of us would suggest that this one flew low enough under the radar to escape their scrutiny.

No, this film was produced by the NWO specifically to direct the fear and loathing of its audience against the mythical image of a 4th Reich, and away from any criticism of Jewish power, the Israeli lobby, and the Zionist oppression of the Palestinian people.
Yet more Christian imagery conflated with villainy inserted by Judeofascist propagandists into 'V For Vendetta's cinematography
V for Vendetta is rife with Hitler, Nazi, and Holocaust imagery that are intended to further embed into our consciousness that all of our modern fears are entrenched in events that occurred over 65 years ago.

Zionists want to convince you that your fears of a fascist police state are precisely what they were fighting against during WWII. Regardless of what concerns you, Zionist propagandists will find a way to connect it with the Nazis. They are determined to condition you to believe that all evil emanated from Nazi Germany, and that most of the contemporary mechanisms of government control originated from that source. We are to believe that they, alone, are the enemy. They always have been, and they always will be...

This propaganda is relentless. I recently scanned through the TiVo directory on my TV cable box. First, I typed in the keyword, ‘Hitler.’ Over 70 titles came up for programs scheduled over the next two weeks. Here’s a short list: Hitler’s Ghost, When Hitler Invaded America, The Hunt for Hitler, The Fatal Attraction of Adolph Hitler, The Making of Adolph Hitler, and Hitler’s Last Deadly Mission.

Next, I typed in the word, ‘Nazi.’ 74 titles came up. Here’s that short list: Nazi Ghost Train, Nazi UFO Conspiracy, Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy, Nazi Secret Weapons, Nazi Supership, and Hunting Nazis.

Finally, I decided to type in the names of two other famous dictators: ‘Stalin’ and ‘Mao.’ I came up with squat. You know what else I didn’t find? I didn’t find any programs dealing with the USS Liberty, The Lavon affair or Operation Cast Lead. Go figure.

Is it that the American people are just not interested in other historical figures and events, or is it that we are being told what we should be interested in? I think we all know the answer to that. We have been, and continue to be, indoctrinated to only one significant event in history. It is this event, and those characters from that era, that drive the propaganda of the New World Order.

If you are constantly on your guard against Nazism, you become less inclined to criticize Israel...

American Free Press writer Michael Collins Piper explains this best in his book, The New Babylon.

He explains that the NWO is “the intended realization of a Talmudic dream to establish a Jewish utopia.” Their idea of utopia is a “global imperium” that is ruled over by a “Jewish elite.”

The Zionist movement is at the very heart of this realization, which specifically set out to create the state of Israel as a “geographic and political entity.”

Piper states that, “The Zionist cause has been integral to the plan for a New World Order.”

He goes on to explain that, “It was the rise of international Jewish finance, and the consequent emergence of the Rothschild Empire—as a foremost influence in that realm—that is central to advancing the New World Order.”

To paraphrase him further, Piper points out that the consolidation of Rothschild power over the British Empire laid the foundation for the political, financial, and structural framework of the New World Order.

Piper says that the United States today has become “the virtual engine of Rothschild power.” In the Jewish worldview, the United States constitutes, “The New Babylon.” It has become “the seat of power,” and the mechanism whereby which “they want to achieve the New World Order.”

This is the reality of the New World Order. But the makers of V for Vendetta would have you believe otherwise. They accomplish this by introducing Nazi imagery into a contemporary setting, and blending it with modern images of the police state: surveillance cameras, black-clad paramilitary police, etc. By doing so, they propagate the message that the threat of Nazism is still very much alive.

The political party that rules over the people with an iron fist is called Norsefire, alluding to the Nordic/Aryan archetypes and mythology that are alleged to be integral to Nazi ideology.

The colors of the Norsefire party’s flag are black, white and red, and also utilize a perverted cross symbol that is similar to the swastika.

The ‘Chancellor’ of the Norsefire party is an Adolph Hitler clone by the name of Adam Sutler, who delivers impassioned speeches in a Hitler-esque style.

Before being interrogated, the film’s heroine—Evey—is dressed down and has her head shaved. This familiar image of the concentration camp victim stays with her throughout the remainder of the film...

First of all, the film was adapted from a 1982 graphic novel by Alan Moore, a self-described Kabbalist and Chaos Magician who also penned the 1986 graphic novel “Watchmen,” that advocated false-flag terror as a Machiavellian “end justifies the means” scenario that unites the world under a global government following the nuking of a major U.S. city. But Moore actually distanced himself from the film version of V for Vendetta, complaining that the producers changed the “Fascism Vs. Anarchism” theme to “American Conservatism Vs. American Liberalism.”

Then we have Joel Silver and the Wachowski Brothers, all three of whom are powerful Jewish Hollywood producers. The Wachowski Brothers penned the script. They are also the creative force behind another partriot favorite The Matrix, which likewise contained a great deal of Zionist propaganda. For instance, Zion is the subterranean refuge that serves as the only safe place for the unplugged humans to escape from the evil machines.

Then, last but not least, we have Israeli actress Natalie Portman playing the part of the film’s screen heroine, Evey. Now, this may surprise many patriot fans of this movie. Did you know that—at the same time this film was in wide release—Ms. Portman was dating 36-year-old Nat Rothschild? That’s right—Nat Rothschild—from the same Rothschild family that most all of us patriots can agree sits at the very tippy top of the New World Order.

Now, all of these things might seem inoccuous and innocent when weighed individually. But when added together, they make a strong argument for the thesis I’ve set forth...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

The Zionists/Judeofascists are correct to be fearful of the traditional Christianity of Western Civilization because they realize it is the primary force that kept their murderous, totalitarian machinations and agenda at bay for nearly 2,000 years in the West until they were able to devise Marxism/Bolshevism (the basis for all Communism and Leftism, which murdered millions of Christians in the Soviet Union well prior to the rise of Hitler) to seize the levers of power. Communism failed economically, so they migrated to Zionism, left-liberalism and neoliberalism/neoconservatism, but their murderous, racist, Jewish supremacist totalitarian agenda remains the same.

Only their corrupt accomplices, along with brain-dead liberal rubes, Judeophile liberals, and Judeo-Christian Zionist yokels fall for their propaganda and trickery, or go along with it. Connoisseurs of Christianity and Western Civilization know who the true villains are, and knew that sooner or later their true, snarling, totalitarian faces and agenda would reveal themselves.

Today, the Zionists/Judeofascists are a sinking ship. The beauty is, they're going to take their elite collaborators -- some of the worst, most corrupt, devious, sinister, and subversive elements of society -- straight to the bottom with them, which will provide America and Western Civilization a clean slate to start anew.

The lot of them should start booking passage to the last refuge of scoundrels: Israel.

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