Sunday, January 02, 2011

Jewish-American Zionist network the self-serving linchpin of Democrat fundraising; no wonder politicos are Zionist lackeys

How many 32-year-olds can raise ‘millions of dollars’ for a presidential campaign?

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

A friend sent me this clip and asked me how come a 32-year-old could raise millions of dollars in American politics? From the Times report on Rahm Emanuel:
Mr. Clinton, then the Arkansas governor, was a longshot candidate for the Democratic nomination in 1992. One of the first fulltime staff members hired in Little Rock, to raise money, was Mr. Emanuel, then 32.

Mr. Emanuel quickly increased Mr. Clinton’s credibility by building an impressive operation and raising millions of dollars.
I believe that the fact that Emanuel had served as a civilian volunteer for Israel during the '91 Gulf War played a part in this supernatural ability. He was able to tell people that he stood with Israel.

And the importance of Jewish money to the Democratic Party-- much of that money servile to a pro-Israel agenda-- was also a factor. The Washington Post has said that over 50 percent of the money Democrats raise is from Jews.

Here is a recent and important piece on the late Stephen Solarz's fears of losing his congressional district to redistricting in '82, and how he raised pro-Israel money nationally to save it. Note that freshman Chuck Schumer, also 32, also feared losing his seat-- and promptly accumulated the third-largest congressional warchest. Did you hear that: freshman Chuck Schumer, also 32, with 3d largest congressional bankroll...

Today when you read the news that Obama was misled by Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak about the peace process-- a mere 10 years after Barak had Bill Clinton on the phone all thru the 2000 peace process, when we were Israel's lawyer, and Israel refused to divide Jerusalem, you simply have to reflect on the money power of the Israel lobby in American politics...MORE...LINK

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