Thursday, January 13, 2011

Loughner's Jewish identity now in question, but no question about Establishment efforts to blame tea partiers and America-firsters for his actions

Is Jared Lee Loughner Jewish?–Part 2

(Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

As Matt Parrott noted in a comment on my previous blog,
We’re not the ones who brought up Judaism. It’s the media that, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, dreamed up the notion that Giffords was assassinated by an anti-Semitic White Nationalist. When we speculated that Loughner might be Jewish, we did so based on a solid lead from an interview in Mother Jones of his closest friend. It was very relevant, as his being Jewish would have disabled the media’s unprovoked attack on us.
Exactly right. I am certainly not wedded to the idea that Loughner was Jewish on his mother’s side. That’s why I had a question mark in the title of my blog.

JTA now has a blog by Ron Kampeas that goes through most of the genealogy, concluding with the suggestion that Loughner’s mother’s grandfather may have been Jewish. (In a previous blog, Kampeas had dismissed the Jewish connection because Totman is “an old English name.” By that logic, Jon Stewart couldn’t be Jewish because he has an old Scottish name.)...

As we wait for a definitive account, the LATimes published an article (“Experts see echoes of extremism in Loughner’s ramblings“) that shows that efforts to blame the “extreme right” continue unabated. The article quotes the $PLC’s notorious Mark Potok as an “expert.” Even after everyone with a brain is chalking it up to insanity, Potok writes, “I think you can find clues to some of the ideas that have influenced him, and I think many of them are clearly coming from the extreme right.”

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Chris Moore comments:

Potok: “I think you can find clues to some of the ideas that have influenced him, and I think many of them are clearly coming from the extreme right.”

Yes, and many came from the extreme left (Potok’s tribal set) as well. Indeed, the assassination attempt can be spun any way one wants to spin it: a manifestation of right-wing rhetoric, an internecine assassination as a consequence of left-wing rhetoric (the left-wing also “targeted” Giffords) From The American Conservative:
“In fact, the [left-wing] Daily Kos once “targeted” Giffords, using imagery and rhetoric not unlike Palin’s over the Democrat congresswoman’s opposition to Obamacare. One Daily Kos blogger even had this to say about Giffords after the moderate Democrat opposed Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader: “My Congresswoman voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now dead to me!”
But because the mainstream media are either left-wing or globalist-corporatist, “right-wing” Whites, patriots, sovereignty/freedom advocates, anti-Communists, Christians and tea partiers (many of whom aren’t “right-wing” at all) get framed and blamed.

The whole thing was a pure patsy frame up by the corrupt, degenerate liberal-capitalist establishment that has thankfully fallen on its ear, and has actually affirmed what so many Americans already suspected: mainstream media are comprised of left-wingers, anti-White racists, and open-borders, American-sovereignty-undermining, globalist whack jobs.

By “patsy,” I don’t mean Loughner was a patsy, I mean America-firsters were framed as to blame for Loughner’s actions, hence becoming the contrived scapegoat for political purposes, and we all know mainstream media and left-wing ADL/SLPC types had their talking points ready and were licking their lips just waiting for something that they could quickly blame on the tea partiers to happen. Fortunately, it didn't stick, and now the corrupt establishment are the ones who are ever more suspect in the eyes of sane Americans.

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