Thursday, January 27, 2011

More statist authoritarianism at behest of Jewry: Democracy for Israel's neighbors discouraged by Obama admin due to populist threat to Israel

State Dep’t says democracy is OK for Tunisia but not Egypt because of Israel

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

Thanks to Pulse, here is a wonderful interview of State Dep't spokesman P.J. Crowley by Shihab Rattansi of Al Jazeera that shows why Obama talked about Tunisian democracy in the State of the Union but said nothing about democracy in Egypt. At about 5:40 Rattansi asks Crowley why the U.S. with all its leverage over Egypt doesn't pressure it to call off the dogs and let the society move toward democracy?

Says Crowley: "We respect what Egypt contributes to the region, it is a stabilizing force, it has made its own peace with Israel, and is pursuing normal relations with Israel, we think that's important, we think that's a model that the region should adopt broadly speaking. at the same time, we recognize that Egypt, Tunisia other countries do need to reform, they do need to respond to the needs of their people, and we encourage that reform and are contributing across the region to that reform."

Rattansi: [paraphrased] but if Egypt can't guarantee stability, what's the point of all your financial support.

Crowley: "We rely on Egypt as an ally to be a stabilizing force in the region... that has benefits across the region."

Rattansi: "Democracy would be destabilizing to the region generally, wouldn't it?"...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Why is it that draconian, statist-authoritarian regiments rise up at the pain and suffering of Gentiles in their environs wherever powerful Judeofascists nest in large numbers?

In early Communist Russia, the Jewish Bolsheviks constructed a massive, statist-totalitarian apparatus from Trotsky's Red Army to the Jewish-dominated Cheka (precursor to the KGB) to enforce their pseudo-secular ideology and act as a bodyguard for the elite Party members and their families, a huge amount of whom were Jewish. Millions of innocents were murdered by this complex.

In Israel, the Jewish Zionists have constructed another huge police state apparatus comprised of the IDF, Magav, Mossad, Shabak, Aman and more...all to serve and enforce the cause of Jewish supremacism in the Jewish state and the Levant.

But that's only the Israel wing of Jewish Zionism. The diaspora wing, through it's massive Israel lobby, has seen to it that many of the Arab states surrounding the Jewish state remain under a "moderate" statist-authoritarian iron fist, as the above example illustrates -- all to protect the Judeofascists and their rackets.

It's no coincidence that in America, too, the further Jewry rises in power and "prestige," and the tighter its current stranglehold over elite American institutions becomes, the more we are being subjected to draconian, domestic police state measures and the larger the "security" and military-industrial complex grows.

So what is it about Jewry that seeks to construct, needs to construct, huge statist security complexes to "protect" itself and its interests?

One important point is that Jewry doesn't proselytize due to its institutional racism, so if it is to dominate any given society, it needs a "secular" arm in order to enforce its will and protect is interests. Another important point is that in addition to being insatiable killers, Judeofascists are also insatiable con-artists, grifters, they are inevitably going to royally piss a lot of people off, some of home will go looking for justice. And the more extreme and elaborate their rackets get, the greater the need for an ever larger "secular" police state becomes in order to protect them from justice. (Ironic, isn't it?...government as enforcer and protector of illegality and injustice...but that's the upside down, black is white, wrong is right, ideologically Zionist dictatorship we live in.)

If Americans want to know probably the decisive reason they're living under a central government that is growing larger and larger and more out of control by the day, and a massive, centralized "security" apparatus that is growing ever more belligerent and intrusive, studying Judeofascism and its swindling and totalitarian agenda, modus-operandi, and modus-vivendi, is a good place to start.

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