Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Secular, agnostic, and atheist-materialist socialists: dupes of totalitarian Jewry

(By Chris Moore) -- Those who go back to the origins of socialism (some call it "progressivism" or "communitarianism”) will find it was originally devised by the partially Jewish Karl Marx, who himself had a Jewish guru in the anti-German racist, Jewish Zionist Moses Hess. From the time it was implemented in Russia, primarily by Jewry as its instigators, main actors and brain trust, its primary function was to break the Christian social and moral order on behalf of Jewry, and to police and plunder the majority at the behest of the Party minority. Stalin eventually broke with Jewry because he felt threatened (the purges) and later because he needed the still nominally Christian nation to get behind him to fight WWII, but that certainly doesn't prove that socialists/Communists wised up given that the Soviet Union ultimately crashed and burned, anyway. Indeed, all it proves is that there is no honor among thieves.

Totalitarian Jewry, “betrayed” by Stalin (as if snakes can betray one another) thus moved West and devised new socialist means (left-liberalism, neo-conservatism/neo-liberalsim) to fulfill its agenda. Some brand of socialism is always integral to Jewry’s plans because it needs a formally anti-Christian (so called “secular”) statist nest from which to operate.

George Orwell was an anti-Semite, but not overly obvious about it given his own hand-wringing socialism and mixed emotions about acknowledging or even discussing religious and racial differences per socialist dogma. It's no accident that Orwell chose a Jewish name 'Emmanuel Goldstein' for the character in his dystopian novel 1984 who was a secret Big Brother confederate that held himself up as a revolutionary. Goldstein was a metaphor for self-serving Jewry, which was/is constantly working towards a totalitarian police state to serve its own needs and interests, yet pretends to be working on behalf of “social justice,” "civil rights," and average people.

Once people realize that Jewry doesn’t proselytize due to its doctrinaire racism, they can recognize why it needs a totalitarian police state: to act as its bodyguard and implement its agenda.

Secular, agnostic, and atheist-materialist gentile socialist dupes of totalitarian Jewry all seek to replace God with the State, refuse to recognize that Christianity is the primary touchstone of Western Civilization and major basis of its success, and yet they can never understand why socialism has inevitably ended in mass murder and chaos from the Soviet Union to SE Asia to China to S. America to the neocon attacks on the Middle East, and increasingly on (the former) Western Civilization. They cling to fanciful, child-like socialist doctrine and dogma instead turning to real history, reality and logic.

Socialism has been tried again and again and repeatedly fails, often murderously. We can’t waste any more time or blood on tired, Jew-contrived, pseudo-secular socialism.

The Jewish-named "revolutionary" Emmanuel Goldstein from George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984, a metaphor for self-serving totalitarian-socialist Jewry that feigns to be working in humanity's best interests. Below: Jewish Bolshevik mass murderer Leon Trotsky

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