Saturday, January 15, 2011

Supremacist tribal sniping and feigned modesty between Chinese-American and Jewish-American ethnics

To become a professor at Yale, it helps to be a slacker

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

It's funny how Amy Chua's book about "Tiger Mothers," on the superiority of Chinese family culture, is giving a successful American caste, Jews, an opening to say, hey guess what we're not driven! This is the theme of Ayelet Waldman's piece in the Wall Street Journal. And of Lawrence Solomon's piece in the Financial Post criticizing Chinese mothering as too regimented and pointing out how few Nobel prizes they've gotten. (Hint hint, Jews have won a bazillion.) I pass this along not because of the Race Olympics, which are dismaying/entertaining, but because Solomon brags on Chua's intermarriage to a Jew and then suggests that her husband, who is a law professor at Yale, is not achievement-oriented. This is the funniest thing I've heard in a long time, as if positions in the meritocracy are given to dilettantes.
[Chua sought] the right balance in her personal life, by choosing as her husband and father of her children someone who is anything but single-minded. Jed Rubenfeld, an American Jew determined to avoid a career in academia, waffled as a student, starting with philosophy and psychology at Princeton, switching to acting at Julliard, then moving to law at Harvard before accepting an academic position at Yale, where he is now professor and assistant dean of law. Several years ago, Rubenfeld tried fiction for the first time, writing The Interpretation of Murder, a book that sold more than a million copies. None of this was planned, as he told Entertainment News: “everything that has happened in my life has happened by accident, contrary to my best intentions.”
By the way, Wikipedia says that Chua is raising her children Jewish. More evidence for my belief that Jewish success in the U.S. is making the brand a lot more attractive...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

I wish Weiss would stop trying to pass off Zionised-America as a "meritocracy," as if, for example, those 13 Jewish Democrat and Democrat-caucus Senators that comprise 25% of all Democrats in the Senate (even though Jews are well under 2% of the American population) "earned" their way into their positions out of "merit."

No, they are not there as a consequence of merit, but as a consequence of their membership in the Jewish Zionist network, just as so many Jewish Zionist bankers in the upper echelons of Wall Street networked their way to the top through the Jewish rackets.

Hey, how hard can it be to succeed for Jewish Zionists on Wall Street when the overwhelmingly Jewish Fed funnels money from U.S. taxpayers via the Federal Government straight into the accounts of, for example, Jewish Zionist firms like Goldman Sachs, which simply takes a "commission" (cut) of tens of millions on, say, a billion in U.S. bond sales, and then declares what amounts to gifted money "meritocratically" earned? Doing "God's work," Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein calls it.

I call it doing the devil's.

And how hard can it be for Jewish Zionists and their cronies to get elected to the Senate when those same Jewish Wall Street banksters ply their campaign coffers with massive "donations" (kickbacks) to keep the closed loop, cycle of plunder well-oiled?

Yet anti-Zionist Weiss regularly claims that many of the American Jews who have succeeded (from Washington to Wall Street to Hollywood and beyond) have earned their success out of "merit." This is not unlike claims that the Jewish Zionist Israelis "made the desert bloom" because they are oh-so-gifted and superior to those that maintained the Levant civilization to which the Zionists initially attached themselves and later have sought to conquer and plunder.

Levant-dwelling Jews = parasites and plunderers; American-dwelling Jews = "meritocratic," says Weiss.

The truth in both cases is that the majority of Jewry has succeeded via their racist Jewish Zionist networks and rackets, and out of no "merit" of their own whatsoever.

And now, in America, apparently the diaspora tribal Chinese are going to slug it out with the diaspora Jews over the spoils of the decaying American carcass.

I say we slug the lot of the scheming, anti-American tribalists straight out of the country and back to the tribal mire into which they seek to drag the rest of us.

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