Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Dangerous extremists and fanatics: Jewish Zionists stalk, harass and threaten Jewish peace movement activists in America

Stand With Us’ Assault on the Jewish Peace Movement

(Tikun Olam) -- by Richard Silverstein --

Why is Stand With Us assaulting American Jews? I use the term “assault” both in its figurative and literal sense. In tactics that echo those of the Israeli right-wing advocacy group, Im Tirzu, Stand With Us members have engaged in verbal and physical confrontations with activists from Jewish Voice for Peace in San Francisco-Oakland, Los Angeles and Seattle. I too have been verbally harrassed locally here in Seattle.

SWU appears to have appointed itself the watchdog of Zionist purity among the American Jewish community. It has singled out for special attention the fast-growing Jewish peace organization, Jewish Voice for Peace and attacked its activists both verbally and physically. At a San Francisco demonstration a few months ago, SWU activists on video were heard warning the JVP marchers that they would disrupt their family lives. Then a few weeks ago, at a JVP meeting in Berkeley, an Israeli-flag clad SWU leader Robin Dubner pepper-sprayed two JVP attendees in the face.

In Los Angeles, JVP is organizing a new chapter. The lead organizer, Estee Chandler, who is relatively new to Israeli-Arab peace organizing has already had an education it takes many of years to earn. An anonymous stalker left an ominous threatening flyer at her home displaying her picture, her employer, and names of child family members with the caption:

Treason & Incitement Against Jews

The above-named suspect is wanted in connection with…acts of fomenting hatred…against the Jewish people and the Jewish State of Israel as the lead Los Angeles area organizer for the notoriously anti-Jewish and anti-Israel…Jewish Voice for Peace.

In this…capacity, the subject proudly uses her own presumed Jewishness as a weapon against the Jewish people and the Jewish State of Israel while conspiring with other well known anti-Israel groups to assist in Israel’s destruction and to otherwise engender hatred and incite…violence against the Jewish people and the Jewish State of Israel.

Suspect has been know to…consort with known antisemites [sic] and take care of her nephew xxx and neices [sic] xxxx.

...Estee Chandler wants her good name restored to her as well. For the love of God, when will the Jewish community stop giving a megaphone to these haters? When will it stop encouraging them and turn a blind eye when they commit the kinds of acts they did against Chandler? What will it take for us to realize that Stand With Us, at least in its current form as represented by many of the acts enumerated above, is a poison? Will it take someone getting shot?...MORE...LINK

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