Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jewish SEC lawyer who profited from Madoff fraud also regulated settlement; All part of the Judeofacist racket's totalitarian agenda?

SEC lawyer's Madoff ties questioned

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WASHINGTON, Feb. 25 (UPI) -- Republican lawmakers are questioning the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission about its top lawyer's inheritance of Bernard Madoff investments.

Four senior members of the House Financial Services Committee wrote to SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro Thursday, asking whether general counsel David Becker informed the agency when he rejoined it in 2009 -- soon after the enormous Madoff Ponzi scheme collapsed -- that he had inherited a Madoff account.

Madoff was imprisoned for life for operating what was described as the largest Ponzi scheme ever, about $60 billion.

SEC spokesman John Nester told The Washington Post Becker did raise the issue and the ethics office told him he could work on "certain Madoff-related matters."

Becker later signed one of the SEC's briefs on how much Madoff's investors might recoup.

Becker's mother died in 2004, leaving a Madoff account worth more than $2 million. Becker and his brothers liquidated it in 2005.

The trustee trying to recover funds is suing the Beckers, saying they, as "net winners" in the scam, were paid with other people's money. The trustee wants to "claw back" more than $1.5 million from them.

The House members also asked Schapiro whether Becker formally recused himself from all Madoff matters. "It gets to the heart of how does the SEC runs itself now," committee spokesman Jeff Emerson said...LINK
-------------------------SEC "regulator" David Becker: Profited from Madoff's fraud

Chris Moore comments:

Given his background and connections, it would appear that Becker is Jewish (as is Madoff).

This goes to a theory I've been mulling on the methodology of the elaborate and incredibly complex Judeofascist/corrupt crony-elite economic pyramid scheme, and how it plans on going about using it to implement totalitarianism.

First, the network infiltrates government and government oversight of private enterprise, while simultaneously infiltrating or building powerful “private enterprise” institutions like th Fed-connected Goldman Sachs;

Second, it allows and engineers blatantly illegal — to the point of evil — profound abuses of the free enterprise system (such as the mortgage bubble fraud) by using corrupt government insiders (for example Becker, or Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer and Ben Barnanke) to create the government policy to put the corrupt wheels in motion, and then lets crony “private enterprise” Wall Street Jews like Loyd Blankfein and Bernie Madoff run amok and fill up the network’s coffers;

Thirdly, it refuses to hold any of them accountable (except when it absolutely has to, as in the case of Madoff), which leads to more and more populist anger and demands to grow government to “regulate” all of these ruthless “capitalist” swindlers (which implicates even honest corporations and small businessmen in grievous and hugely socially damaging fraud);

Finally, when all is said and done and government has been grown to the max, we live under a totalitarian system run by Judeofascists and their henchmen that was created under the auspices of preventing abuses perpetrated by “free enterprise” that in actuality were perpetrated by the Judeofascist racket to begin with!

Anyone who’s making an honest living in private enterprise better get off their asses and do something about the Judeofascist rackets, because they won’t stop until they have you and your company under their thumb. To them, you’re just another bug that they’d just as soon crush as look at, and who holds assets and profits that they feel by divine or historic right they themselves are entitled to.

Don’t fool yourselves, they’ll be coming for you and yours next.

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