Wednesday, February 09, 2011

"Secular" Jewish and Zionist "public officials" rig Washington policy towards instituting Jewish supremacist double standards and outcomes

(By Chris Moore) -- Philip Weiss has an interesting example today of how Jewish and Zionist Washington insiders rig the political game in order to steer the American ship of state towards official policies of Jewish supremacism, and establish Jewish supremacist double standards.

It's a short blog about Congressional hearings currently being held on the crucial events in Egypt by the House committee on Foreign Affairs, and how they are being rigged by Jewish and Zionist committee members to approach the question of how the American government should respond to the Egyptian democracy movement not from the perspective of what's best for the Egyptian people or for the American people vis-a-vis Egypt, but rather from the Jewish supremacist perspective of what's best for Israel.

Notes Weiss:

This morning and tomorrow the House committee on Foreign Affairs is holding hearings on Egypt. The committee is now chaired by Republican [Zionist] Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, an Israel hardliner. But the ranking minority member, [Jewish Zionist Democrat] Howard Berman, presumably had a hand in this too. The two Israel lobbyists are [Zionist] Robert Satloff of the thinktank started by AIPAC and [former Bush administration official] Elliott Abrams (a Jewish nationalist who has written that Jews must stand apart from any society they are in except Israel). The other rightwinger is Craner, who works for a Republican institute and I'm told has the usual Israel fervor.

Bear in mind that this morning on National Public Radio (yes the liberal media) Elliott Abrams was given a lot of air time, to support the Egyptian democracy movement because it would make Egyptian support for Israel stronger. I am still waiting for an NPR report that questions whether Israel is a democracy and questions whether the so-called peace process that Egypt has been a party to for 30 years has done anything to ameliorate Palestinian rightslessness. It has not.
Leftists and liberals always demand that the concept of Jewish supremacist Zionism be divorced from the concept of organized Jewry, but what is the main thrust of contemporary organized Jewry but an operational effort mostly by Jews to engage in Jewish supremacist rackets and establish Jewish supremacist double standards, angles and official findings into policies, and consequently into laws?

Remember, organized Jewry, Zionist or not, doesn't proselytize due to its own institutional racism and "Chosen" doctrine, so instead it seeks to establish government policy and law that institutionalizes the supremacy of Jewry by order of the State, and through the statist and social re-ordering of society. To accomplish this, it infiltrates "secular" systems with pseudo-secular agents of Jewish supremacism like those that Weiss lists above.

These fake "secularists" then establish, for example, Israel-first (Jewish state/Jewish people-first) U.S. foreign policy as just one more step in the overall process of acclimating all Gentiles everywhere to the concept of an official policy of Jewish supremacism, on the road to eventual imposition of the same policy wherever Jewry resides, including the U.S.

And contemporary Gentile collaboration, acquiescence, or indifference to the imposition of this caste system is yet another example of the failed intellect and character of the modern "guardians" of America, democracy, Western Civilization, and religious freedom.

Because it lacks the integrity and courage to confront the organized propagation of official Jewish supremacism, and has in so many ways even participated in its imposition, the contemporary liberal capitalist elite and its pseudo-"liberal" State manifestations have demonstrated themselves artificial and illegitimate representative of the American people, the American interest, and even the Western ethic itself.

Indeed, the entire system of statist-liberal-capitalism is rapidly being unmasked as nothing but a tool and shill for the agenda of cultivating a society of official and institutionalized Jewish supremacism.

This runs counter to the democracy, religious freedom, individual rights and opposition to institutional-racism cultivated by Christian and classical antiquity root sources that are the basis of Western Civilization.

Indeed, under the very rubric of religious freedom and pluralism, Jewry and its collaborators are subversively and painstakingly constructing a system of official Jewish supremacism by employing an increasingly constrictive process not unlike the one utilized by Islamists to impose Sharia law, which is how and why both Zionism and Islamism run counter to Western and Christian values.

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