Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Self-serving Democrat partisans and Jewish MSM liberals give svengali Jewish lobby a "pass" on its major role in inciting Iraq war

8 years on, Matthews asks angrily Why did we go to war?

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

Better late than never. This happened last week. Chris Matthews went on a great rant about, Why did we go to war in Iraq? Why? He mentions neoconservative ideas, but he doesn't dare bring up the elephant in the room, the Israel lobby. Still this is a start, to get unhinged about a fraud...

Chris you are a smart political mind; ask George W. Bush what he learned from the last one-term presidents, Jimmy Carter and his father; ask him what political lines they had crossed to end their White House careers?

And yes the fact that Matthews's panel is Fred Kaplan and Mike Isikoff is a reflection of the new Democratic establishment, one that is not yet prepared to do the hard work of reflecting on Jewish political identity and how Zionism swept that community as a messianic deliverance dream. Has either of these guys ever written about the Israel lobby as a real force in Jewish life, let alone American life? Note that this week the State Department replaced the late Richard Holbrooke with Marc Grossman and appointed a new ambassador to Israel named Dan Shapiro. I would say that it is naive not to think that these Jewish names are intended to placate a Democratic Party political establishment that is largely Jewish. A signal that nothing will be done to rock the boat. Matthews knows this better than anyone. He will talk about it some day when the Establishment is more diverse...MORE...LINK

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