Monday, March 28, 2011

Case study: How war-agitating Jewish-American Zionist MSM "journalists" disingenuously conflate Palestinians and Arabs with Holocaust

Israel, right or wrong

(Redress) -- by Paul J. Balles --

"If I were an Israeli, I'd be worried. If I were an Arab, I'd be insulted. If I were a critic only of Israel, I'd be ashamed."

Thus concluded Richard Cohen in the Washington Post (28 February 2011)

What Cohen would be worried about is what he perceives as anti-Semitism in the Arab world, fuelled in World War II by the Muslim cleric Haj Amin al-Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem.

According to Cohen, Al-Husseini "the titular leader of Muslim Palestinians, broadcast Nazi propaganda to the Middle East, recruited European Muslims for the SS, exulted in the Holocaust and after the war went on to represent his people in the Arab League."

Cohen not only faults Arabs for their support of Al-Husseini, but for Cohen's conclusion that “the Arab world is saturated by Jew-hatred".

This is a propaganda line that serves no other purpose but to instil fear in Jews everywhere.

Voices like Cohen's – and there are many – have a much greater impact on Israelis and their worldwide supporters than any biased statements made by a single Muslim cleric.

But then Zionists in America feed their own paranoia by deceiving themselves and distorting reality in their image twisting house of mirrors.

Cohen says "If I were an Arab I'd be insulted."

To Cohen, an Arab should be insulted by Al-Husseini seeking support from the Axis of Germany and Italy prior to World War II.

In 1941, Al-Husseini sought a public declaration of support from the Axis nations for: 1) Arab independence from British and French rule; 2) the freedom for the independent Arab nations to unite in some form; 3) and for the elimination of the proposed Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Why should those goals give cause for anyone except an Israeli to suggest that Arabs should be insulted?

Instead of putting Al-Husseini's mission to save Palestine for the Palestinians into proper perspective, Cohen attempts to distort history.

Al-Husseini also sought military and financial assistance for an Arab uprising that he promised he could unleash, though only in conjunction with the Axis declaration.

Finally, Cohen crows "If I were a critic only of Israel I'd be ashamed."

If American supporters of Israel were more critical of Israel when Israel deserves it, there would be little call to complain of the crimes committed by Israelis.

Israel stands in constant denial of any wrong-doing, whether the wrong happens to be killing by the Stern Gang, apartheid treatment of Palestinians, murders in Gaza or illegal Jewish settlements.

If the rest of the world attempts to pass a resolution finding Israel guilty of wrong-doing, the US, under Zionist control, vetoes it. This has happened 36 times in the past four decades.

Jews who criticize anything that Israel does, no matter how horrendous, have been dubbed "self-hating Jews".

Major US Jewish organizations, from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, are committed to defending Israel whether right or wrong.

"Any time you engage in an activity critical of Israel you are trying to destroy the state of Israel,” Jeremy Ben-Ami, the president of J Street, said.

Israel isn't even able to accept criticism by Zionist Jews. Judge Goldstone is a case in point. He was severely faulted for identifying wrongdoing by Israel in Gaza even though his investigation was thorough and fair.

While Israel continues with apartheid practices, illegal settlements and attempts to get the US to bomb Iran, its blind supporters promote anti-Semitism.

It's time for reflection and self-criticism. Thinking like Richard Cohen's only increases fear by Jews and disdain by others...LINK

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