Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Following in Bush's footsteps, latest field of obsequious political clowns bows down before Israel lobby

I am lobby, hear me roar: Frum touts Republican Jewish Coalition’s ability to raise big money

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

At CNN, David Frum says that Sarah Palin made a big mistake by booking her trip to Israel through a Christian tour operator rather than through the Republican Jewish Coalition, the Jewish entity of the party that brought G.W. Bush to Israel before he became president. Note the frank description of the RJC's access to pools of money. Similar to Dan Ephron's statement at the Daily Beast that Palin is cultivating "wealthy Jews." This is like the paradox that Walt and Mearsheimer confronted. The lobby brags about its strength all the time, so as to intimidate politicians. But then a non-Jew brings it up and is promptly accused of invoking anti-semitic stereotypes about Jews and money...

Most Republican presidential aspirants consider the RJC a group whose support is very much worth having. Which is why virtually every major and long-shot Republican candidate except Palin has addressed an RJC meeting: Romney often, Newt Gingrich often, Tim Pawlenty often. Texas Gov. Rick Perry is stopping by the group's April Las Vegas meeting ... just in case...MORE...LINK

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