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Fundamentally fraudulent and deceitful Zionist Jews parade Gentile cardboard cutouts as "proof" of Jewish progressivism

Israel’s supporters use familiar tokenism in attempt to hide racism and oppression

(Mondoweiss) -- by Alaa Milbes and Dina Zbeidy --

Last month, Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine (C-SJP) sponsored Israeli Apartheid Week. In response, Hillel groups organized a campaign entitled "Separating Fact From Apartheid." To achieve this end, Hillel employed racist tactics to present a convivial face to Israel’s military and colonial occupation of Palestinian land. Hillel’s tokenistic rhetoric manifested itself in the Faces of Israel project (initiated by the Consulate General of Israel in New York in 2008), when an Ethiopian Jew, a Palestinian Israeli and a gay Israeli were invited to our campus to present the “real face” of Israeli society.

To illustrate Israel’s “diversity,” Hillel set up a display of large poster boards of Israel’s token successful minorities.The first board featured Rana Raslan, who in 1999 became the first Arab to win a Miss Israel contest. Three years later, Raslan was quoted as saying "Till today, I am treated like trash at the airport. I haven't visited Israel for three months because of what I had gone through during security checks. I was asked questions in a vulgar manner, held for hours. They also searched me; I have no problem being treated like any other civilian, but there is a way to do so, with delicacy."

Another poster featured Salim Joubran, a lawyer born in Haifa, who was elected in 2004 to become the first Arab to hold a permanent appointment as a Supreme Court Justice. In a piece published in the Spectator by LionPAC’s director of public relations, Huberman claimed that having a Palestinian-Israeli on Israel’s Supreme Court is evidence that Israel is “a democratic, multi-ethnic country that upholds equal rights for all of its citizens.”4 Huberman believes that the appointment of the first and only permanent Palestinian Israeli judge to Israel’s Supreme Court, 5 in its 56 years of existence, is evidence of its “equal rights” and “democratic” nature. According to Sikkuy's data, at the end of 2008 only 42 of 589 judges in Israel were Arabs - 7 percent of all the judges. A 2008 report about fair representation of the Arab population in the civil service, which was published by the Civil Service Commission in June of this year, indicates that of 3,763 employees in the courts administration only 119 are Arabs—3.16 percent of all employees. Palestinian citizens of Israel constitute nearly 20% of the overall population.

The use of tokenistic arguments to defend Israel’s violations is an outstanding feature in the rhetoric of Hillel members. In a recent article by Matthew Jacobs, he calls C-SJP’s reference to Israel as an apartheid state an “antiquated label.” In fact, the 2004 U.S. State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for Israel and the Occupied Territories stated that the Israeli government had done “little to reduce institutional, legal, and societal discrimination against the country's Arab citizens.” Continued land confiscation, home and village demolitions, institutionalized social, legal, and economic discrimination facing Palestinian citizens of Israel is an added face of Israel’s Apartheid system and occupation of Palestine...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

This fraudulent Jewish Zionist "progressivism" is not only an indictment of Zionist Jews, but of the entire Democratic Party, which itself is fraudulently "progressive."

Indeed, as I've said so many times before, the Left, nearly in it's entirety, is a racket comprised primarily of self-serving hustlers, grifters, con artists, and frauds. No wonder the Democratic Party is run by the ultimate swindlers: Jewish Zionists.

I'm going to post again here a comment from 2010 that I've recycled a couple of times already, but that continues to be pertinent not only to Jewish-supremacist Democrat fraudsters, but also to Jewish-supermacist, Israel-first GOP "Christian" fraudsters in the neocon wing of the Republican Party.

These people are all lower than dirt:
Another important imbalance (and more proof that post-Christian American "liberalism" is actually Jewish supremacist, and hell bent on perpetuating authoritarian Zionism both at home and abroad) is the hugely disproportionate number of Jewish Democrats in national office in the supposed party of "diversity." In the 111th Congress, there are a total of 257 Democrats in the House. Thirty-one of them are Jewish (all Congressional Jews are Democrats except for Eric Cantor, the only Jewish Republican). That's nearly 12%. (Again, Jews comprise less than 2% of the country).

And the ratio is even more out of balance in the Senate, where there are a total 57 Democrats, plus two "Independents" that caucus with the Democrats. Of that total of 59 Senators, 13 are Jewish -- an astounding 22%.

How many black U.S. Senators are there? Only one: Roland Burris, the only black in the entire Senate, even though African-Americans comprise over 12% of the country (and a lot higher percentage than that of loyal Democratic Party voters).

So it seems the Jewish supremacist Democrats have pulled a bait-and-switch on the "people of color" who routinely provide a big chunk of their votes, running as the party of diversity, equality and racial justice, yet promoting Jews (every one of which in Congress is a Zionist) in hugely disproportionate numbers to the highest levels of national office, and limiting blacks and Hispanics to the Capitol's service entrances.

And on top of that, the Democrats are "religious" supporters of institutionally racist Zionism in Israel, where Jewish Zionists don't even bother to feign dedication to racial equality.

Which is worse: putting on airs of pro-inclusiveness and promises of "access" and "diversity" in order to get elected, only to stab the racial minorities who vote for you in the back once in office by rigging the game in their own favor (as Jewish and white left-liberal Democrats do with routine), or not putting on phony airs and feigned pretenses of inclusiveness at all, but instead advocating true race-neutrality?

In fact, the whole phenomenon is not unlike Obama's putting on anti-war airs to get elected, and then escalating the wars for Israel being fought in the Mideast once safely in office.

The obvious answer to all this, of course, is to vote out the entire parasitic Zionist-establishment juggernaut of both parties entirely, and refuse to vote for anyone who isn't an authentic, universalist Christian -- which by definition is anti-Zionist, anti-racialist, anti-Judeofascist, anti-Marxist and anti-Neocon/Neolib. Problem solved -- both the Zionist problem, and all the institutional racism, wars, engineered domestic ethnic conflicts, leviathan statism, and Wall Street bankster-ripoff baggage that comes with it.
I figure if a keep repeating this stuff enough, even a few of the useful idiot libtards and neoconned might eventually get a clue. (I know, I's a quixotic quest, but hope springs eternal...)

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