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Jewish collectivism, Left to Right, oozes hatred, ridicule and malevolence for non-Jewish humanity -- an integral part of Jewish identity

Gilad Atzmon: On Jewish Intolerance

( -- by Gilad Atzmon --

In a New Statesman article, law professor John Dugard ,who was a Judge on The International Court of Justice as well as being Special Raporteur for United Nations Commission on Human Rights, summarises the Goldstone apology saga : ‘there are no new facts that could possibly have led Richard Goldstone to change his mind about the UN-backed investigation into Israel and the conflict in Gaza.’...

Dugard is clearly bewildered by Goldstone’s latest zigzag: “Richard Goldstone is a former judge and he knows fully well that a fact-finding report by four persons cannot be changed by the subsequent reflections of a single member of the committee.” What made Goldstone change his mind “remains a closely guarded secret,” says Dugard.

Dugard is clearly frustrated, and, somewhat cynical here. But I guess that we all know the answer, because for some time now, we have witnessed Goldstone being subjected to relentless measures of exclusion and abuse from his Zionist brethren.

As a matter of fact, intolerance towards critical voices is inherent within Jewish culture, identity, and politics, for Zionism is clearly a demand for ideological collectivism.

But interestingly enough, Jewish anti Zionism is also no different in its modus operandi : all too often we come across a Jewish ‘progressive’ poisonous smear campaign against one ‘Jewish self-hater’ or another.

Jewish ‘cultural heritage’ could be presented as a chain of different attempts to silence, and even eliminate dissidence: some Jews were nailed to wood; some were assassinated ; others were stoned, and a few were excluded or excommunicated. Many lost their jobs and many others were subject to endless slander.

As tragic as it may sound, Jewish identity politics is an exercise in some different variations of collective hatred; hatred towards the Goyim, but also towards Jewish dissidence.

The Goldstone saga is then, an opportunity to peep into contemporary Jewish political intolerance, and Goldstone emerges as a tragic figure: he sacrificed his professional name for the sake of just a little Jewish empathy.

Yet he clearly forgot that forgiveness is not at all a highly regarded value within the ghetto walls -- I learned yesterday that a group of American Jewish lawyers are preparing a civil lawsuit against Goldstone for libel...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

How can a people with a culture of malevolence and hatred of outsiders ever assimilate into the U.S. melting pot, which itself is an outgrowth of Christianized Western civilization, in any organic or meaningful way?

Obviously, they can't, which is why different elements of organized Jewry prey upon non-Jews from every possible direction as an expression of their hostility and contempt for humanity: from the Left and liberalism through cultural Marxism and Hollywood sleaze and propaganda, broadcast out across America like putrid radiation penetrating every nook, cranny and impressionable mind, leaving a trail of slime and psychological dysfunction in its wake; from the Right via Zionism and all its political offshoots such as neoconservatism, neoliberalism, "creative destruction" Globalism, and Jewish Wall Street racketeering.

That both the Jewish Left and Right are motivated by money and insatiable greed goes without saying, but that's really only half of the story; the other half is their compulsive, pathological drive to get rich through spewing denigration, desecration, and contempt, and through racketeering and parasitical "industry," -- a drive that is apparently innate in their ethno-cultural identity and its innate hostility to non-Jews.

Clearly, decent Jews are left with a choice: abandon all decency and submit to the Judeofascist parasites and hate-mongers in body, mind and soul; or save your decency and soul, turn your back forever on the Judefascists, and assimilate into humanity.

Ironically, even as the decent Jews assimilate, the most noxious Gentiles themselves make a free will decision to become Judaized (e.g. Judeo-Christian Zionists, Judeophile liberals and Marxists, craven money-worshipping materialists, other cynical, tribal-minded moral primitives seeking their own Jewish-inspired parasitical rackets) and surrender their own souls into the Jewish void.

All of the darkest, deeply anti-Christian forces on earth seem to be rallying around Zionism and supremacist Jewry, perhaps as one final expression of their own dark, suicidal misanthropy and murderous contempt for both themselves and for assimilated humanity -- a contempt that comes as a consequence of their own long ago decision to sell their souls for temporal ambition, luxury and material gain.

Yes, by all means, corrupt demoniacs: rally and dance around your Judeofascist masters with glee. It makes your evil essence, character and identity that much easier for earnest and decent folk of good will and good conscience to identify.

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racist,nationalist,believer-you are primitive collectivist as all this ideologies are collectivist.With your`s monkey intellect you blame Jews for collectivism.
Remember, monkey Jews are hated for their individualism.