Monday, April 25, 2011

Time for "secular" diaspora Jewish Zionist political and media "professionals" to disclose their particularistic agenda, recuse themselves on Israel?

Joan Walsh discloses her religious investment in a political issue

(Mondoweiss) -- by James North and Philip Weiss

Joan Walsh, on Hardball two nights back:

"The choice issue is a very tough issue, especially for those of us raised Catholic."

Thank you Joan Walsh.

Under the conventions of journalistic "disclosure," if a book reviewer shared a ski lift with the author two years before he should tell us that. But if a Jewish journalist was indoctrinated with pro-Israel propaganda his entire life, that's not considered relevant to his impartiality in covering Israel/Palestine.

Also, let's be honest. When you read an article on Israel/Palestine or a letter to the editor, isn't one of the first things you do to check the name and see if the person is Jewish or not? Doing so is not giving in to anti-semitism. It's a simple way to prepare yourself for possible bias on the part of the reporter or letter-writer. Tell us, reader, do you do that, Likudniks and anti-Zionist readers included?...LINK

The mysterious Mr. Ross

(Mondoweiss) -- by Scott McConnell --

I'm tickled by the Times front page story today: there is a question of whether Obama should lay out an American peace plan. He and Hillary favor this idea. Dennis Ross opposes it. So, the gist of the article implies, it probably won't be done.

Isn't it necessary to explain to the American people who Dennis Ross is? Or is that better left unexplained?

P.S. From the Forward's recent reporting on Dennis Ross:

Ross' strong ties to Israel now make him indispensable to the administration. Those ties include his previous role as head of the Jewish People Policy Institute, a Jerusalem-based think tank founded by the Jewish Agency for Israel. His son, Gabe, is also married to an Israeli. These factors, together with Ross's strong personal sense of Jewish identity, have gained him a reputation of being pro-Israeli...

"Dennis is the closest thing you'll find to a melitz yosher, as far as Israel is concerned," said the Anti-Defamation League's national director, Abraham Foxman, who used the ancient Hebrew term for "advocate."

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