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What a surprise! Yet another ex-Marxist, neocon Jew lays the warmongering "intellectual" framework for France's attack on Libya

French Fraud Behind Libya War Drive

Fake ‘intellectual’ with delusions of grandeur: Bernard Henri-Lévy
( -- by Justin Raimondo --

The Libyan war has the French, of all people, in the forefront, with President Nicolas Sarkozy’s smug, self-satisfied face mugging for the camera as French fighter jets scream in the skies over Tripoli. The French, who sat out the Iraq war with haughty disdain, are now even more eager than the Americans to get into the thick of it: Sarkozy, in trouble at home, is hoping to distract critics from France’s ever-worsening domestic economic woes and his own party’s diminishing electoral prospects, with a good old-fashioned dollop of Napoleonic tonic. France – once again thrusting into North Africa in search of its former imperial glory! It’s enough to make one nostalgic for the Ugly American.

If the insufferable Sarkozy isn’t enough to make you vow never to eat French fries again, then the man behind Sarkozy’s grandstanding, Bernard Henri-Lévy, the French “public intellectual” and renowned phony, will push you over the edge into outright Francophobia. As the New York Times reports:

“It was Mr. Lévy, by his own still undisputed account, who brought top members of the Libyan opposition — the Interim Transitional National Council — from Benghazi to Paris to meet President Nicolas Sarkozy on March 10, who suggested the unprecedented French recognition of the council as the legitimate government of Libya and who warned Mr. Sarkozy that unless he acted, ‘there will be a massacre in Benghazi, a bloodbath, and the blood of the people of Benghazi will stain the flag of France.’”

Henri-Lévy is famous for … well, it’s not exactly clear. During the 1980s, he and a few of his French commie-socialist comrades excitedly announced that Marxism – which they had previously upheld as a glorious human experiment in idealism – was a Bad Thing. What Stalin’s crimes, committed half a century earlier, hadn’t revealed, the dictates of intellectual fashion and economic opportunity readily unveiled.

Yes, the French have their neocons, too, with BHL—as he’s known – leading the pack. Like his American brethren, BHL combines political polemics with entrepreneurship and has wound up the world’s richest “philosopher,” with inherited assets of his own to which he greatly added to thanks to his political connections.

Ah yes. This war began less than a month ago, and already the Norpois, the leaden-footed proponents of salon diplomacy, well-versed in Munich-speak, have raised their heads again and, once over their initial astonishment, have taken up their favorite refrain: what are we doing, involved in this business?”

Leaving aside the pretentious allusion to Proust – the signature conceit of the “literary” French intellectual – notice how easily he reverts to the familiar lexicon of the neocons: “Munich-speak”? We’re not two weeks into this war, and already the War Party’s myrmidons are likening Gadhafi to Hitler! To the neocons, whatever their national origin, it’s always 1939: there’s always a Hitler somewhere in the world, and it’s our responsibility to stop him – which is why we need to spend more on the military than all other nations on earth combined. And if a target country just happens to be strategically located, or sits atop considerable oil reserves, well then who are we to look a gift horse in the mouth?

That’s a good point, however, about our “initial astonishment” at the Libyan intervention: I have to admit to being taken by surprise, because, as low as my opinion may be of President Obama, it was never that low. I never thought he would fall for Henri-Lévy’s line of guff, as regurgitated by the Three Harpies of the Libyan Apocalypse...MORE...LINK
Why The West Intervened in Libya: Was This A Surprise?

(Occidental Observer) -- by John Graham --

Via Steve Sailer, I learn that prominent French Jew Bernard-Henri Levy is claiming credit for having persuaded President Sarkozy to press successfully for Western intervention in Libya.

In the New York Times story to which Sailer links, By His Own Reckoning, One Man Made Libya a French Cause By Steve Erlanger April 1, 2011, Levy is quoted saying:

“I’m proud of my country, which I haven’t felt for many years.”

In a well-conducted interview by Der Spiegel ”We Lost a Great Deal of Time in Libya Because of the Germans“ 03/30/2011 he reveals his activism stems from

“the moral and spiritual tradition in which I grew up. For me, it’s the definition of Judaism. Being Jewish means having more obligations than rights.”...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Levy says he is motivated by Jewish "obligations" eh? Jewish obligations defined as what? Murdering Gentiles? Warmongering? War profiteering? Creative destruction? "A light unto nations" as illuminated by bombs? Satanism?

These Jewish Zionists are so predictably serpentine, morally fraudulent and outright evil, it's amazing it's taken them this long to squander the residual sympathy they garnered in the wake of the Holocaust.

In less than three generations, they've certainly squeezed that card to it's last drop and exploited it to its last ounce of worth.

Gee, what are they going to do now? Hopefully, relocate to Israel so the rest of us can finally get some peace.

Rough night out with the boys? Bernard-Henri Levy, yet another sick, ex-Marxist, warmongering neocon Jew

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