Friday, May 06, 2011

"Anti-Zionist" and "Zionist-Left" Jewry comprised largely of crypto Jewish supremacists

Britain’s Jewish “anti-Zionist” pretenders lose another battle

(Redress) -- by Gilad Atzmon --

Gilad Atzmon considers the failure of “anti-Zionist” pretenders embedded in the Palestine solidarity movement in the UK to prevent a recent public debate in London on the subject of “Jewishness, Zionism and Israel”, including the use by the fake anti-Zionists of tactics that included bullying and harassment of panelists.

Despite relentless underhand efforts by Israeli operators in the UK and their close allies in the Jewish “anti-Zionist” network to block a public debate on “Jewishness, Zionism and Israel”, the event went ahead as scheduled on 3 May.

In fact, the event was a tremendous success.

Speaking to a full hall, Alan Hart, Karl Sabbagh, Sameh Habeeb and I elaborated on the meaning of “Jewishness” and the essence of Zionism.

We also tried to understand once and for all why it is that some Jews who claim to be the most sincere “supporters of Palestine” are always among the first to stifle debate on such crucial issues.

Stifling debate
Six years ago, I was shocked to learn about the destructive impact of elements within the UK Jewish “anti-Zionist” network. At the time they were intent on burying Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR), probably the most significant Nakba memorial group in the Palestinian solidarity movement. Unfortunately, they succeeded: by putting into action the most repulsive Zionist tactics, the Jewish “anti-Zionists” eventually managed to bring down DYR.

But in doing so, they also inflicted some serious damage on themselves. They were exposed for what they are – a bunch of crypto Zionists. They smeared and defamed other activists; they lied and they mounted pressure on Palestinian officials. They exposed the ugliest possible form of Zionist politics. I did not like what I saw and published a satirical expose of their tactics which I titled “The Protocols of the Elders of London”.

Needless to say, my criticism was not welcome among the UK’s “progressive” Jewish leaders.

Recently, I went back and re-read my expose and what is immediately evident is that not one single person who is mentioned in the piece has managed to maintain any influence whatsoever within the Palestinian solidarity movement. After the publication of “The Elders of London”, the majority of the so-called “activists” mentioned simply faded away into total obscurity and anonymity, and others joined “Zionist-left” cells.

They have all evaporated, except for one Tony Greenstein. The “anti-Zionist” Greenstein has became my dedicated cyber-stalker, and – amusingly enough – seems to want to assume the role of my “nemesis”. Day and night, he harasses academics and many others who disseminate my work. It is worth mentioning that he carries out his harassment often in the name of the Palestinian BDS movement, no less.

But Greenstein has at least achieved one thing: he has managed to alienate himself from everyone in this movement, including his Jewish allies, who are also reluctant to publish any of his repetitive slander

Kosher leaks
One of the panelists in the 3 May event told me that was hounded for three days by 12 different Jewish “anti-Zionists”. He also told me that all my detractors repeated the same line : “Gilad is not good for Palestine”.

Yet, one stark fact is that not one single Palestinian and or Gentile joined in the Jewish campaign against me. Once again, this highlights a crude manifestation of Jewish exceptionalism: some Jews in the “anti-Zionist” movement clearly feel that they “know better” what is good for the Palestinians.

But how is it that they “know better”?

Is it that they are slightly cleverer than the rest of us? Or is it that they are just chosen – which sounds pretty Zionist to me...MORE...LINK

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