Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blackballed on Fox News under accusations of anti-Semitism, Glenn Beck "turns tables" by pandering to Judeofascist state

Glenn Beck Announces 'Restoring Courage,' Rally In Jerusalem (VIDEO)

(Huffington Post) -- by Jack Mirkinson --

Glenn Beck announced on his radio show Monday that he is planning to hold a rally in Jerusalem in August called "Restoring Courage." Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally drew vast crowds to Washington, D.C. in August of 2010, but Beck said that drawing as many to Jerusalem will be more difficult.

Beck went to Israel and Jerusalem last week. He warned his listeners on Monday that he thinks disaster is imminent for Israel, because of a "two state solution that cuts off Jerusalem" from the world.

"God is involved in man's affairs, but so is the force of darkness," Beck continued ominously. "I believe I've been asked to stand in Jerusalem. Many in the history of man have had the opportunity to stand with the Jewish people...and they have failed." He asked listeners to "stand with me, in Jerusalem" in August.

Beck candidly admitted that he didn't know how many people would show up, or how much the event would cost. But he called the rally a "life altering event" and warned that the "very gates of hell" would fight his attempts to hold the rally...MORE...LINK

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Chris Moore comments:

These primitive, tribal Judeofascists and their pea-brained Judeophile liberal and Judeo-Christian Zionist allies are keeping the West in a retrograde, immature, dualistic tit-for-tat state of existence by perpetually dividing the world into "Jew" and "Gentile," into "ally of the Chosen" and "anti-Semite." Left-wing Judeofascists accuse anyone critical of Jewry of anti-Semitism, which sends them running into the arms of Right-wing Judeofascists to "prove" how "tolerant" and philo-Semitic they are.

It's a cycle that repeats itself over and over, with each and every ignorant rube, from psycho, paranoid Jew to facile, obsequious "Gentile" eagerly playing out his assigned role.

Is there anything more pathetic and threadbare on earth than a millennia-old cliché? And yet, due to their alternatively diffident and arrogant, victim and hyper-aggressor, bi-polar nature, the Judeofascists always force just such an outcome.

“Prove your love for the Jewish people, one way or the other, we don’t care how. Pander to us, again and again. We can never have enough accolades, controversy or attention. We can never have enough security. We can never have enough money. We can never have enough...anything!”

What an utterly shallow, emotionally insecure, hyper-needy people. They demand all of the oxygen in the room, wherever they show their smug, self-important faces. And when they're identified as the alternatively insecure and hyper-arrogant jackasses they are, they whine that they are being picked upon.

Truly a disgusting and pathetic people, unworthy of even the time of day. And yet look at the Western world, pandering to their every whim.

No wonder the world is today laughing at the weak, post-Christian, Judeophile liberal and Judeo-Christian Zionist West. What a joke we have become, perpetually hovering over these adult-children crybabies...why, just like a cooing Jewish mother fussing over her 35-year-old man-boy.

Absolutely disgusting.

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