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Judeofascists and their evangelical-Zionist stooges vs. Christianity, Western civilization, humanity...


(National Prayer Network) -- by Rev. Ted Pike --

In a 1962 LOOK article Prime Minister David Ben Gurion prophesied that in the not too distant future the whole world would consist of federated continents under the jurisdiction of Jerusalem (See, ADL Campaigns to Train Hate Prosecutors). How wrong he was! World resistance to Zionism and the Talmudic mandate to dominate the planet is a mighty manifestation of divine grace, completely unexpected by the architects of Jewish supremacism. As a result of many courageous activists speaking out, especially over the past decade, the Zionist conspiracy has been powerfully delayed. Through continued prayer and truth telling, it can be postponed much longer!

As God caused the wheels of Pharaoh’s chariots to mire when they attempted to recapture the fleeing Hebrews, so the rising juggernaut that Scripture calls the “synagogue of Satan” (Rev. 2:9) and Babylon the Great (See, “Babylon the Great” is Israel) is encountering a magnitude of resistance never experienced in Zionism’s 120-year history...

Since Obama's speech last week, a firestorm of protest has arisen, largely from the Republican/evangelical "Israel first" right, denouncing Obama and standing by Netanyahu's declaration that Israel will never concede to the "unrealistic," "indefensible" 1967 borders. Prominent evangelical leaders, such as Tim Wildmon, Dr. James Dobson, Gov. Mike Huckabee, and many others, put a full-page ad in the Jerusalem Post, vowing undying opposition to any division of Israel. ( It was widely suggested late in the week that Obama's requirements for Israel were in reality more words than substance. Perhaps surprised by the level of opposition from Jews and evangelicals, some predicted his AIPAC speech on Sunday would be milder. Obama in fact retained his basic position.

Why Israel and the Palestinians Can't Find Peace

Israel and evangelical leadership remain united in a shared goal: to regain all of Palestine for the Jewish people. This means ultimate expulsion of antagonistic Arabs. Israel and the evangelicals say an emphatic "No!" to the threat that Palestinian autonomy poses to this dream. Thus, Israel can always be counted on, at the critical moment, to sabotage peace negotiations leading to any division of Israel. Nearly a century ago a separate Arab state was mandated by the 1917 Balfour declaration. In 1948 the UN partition also came to naught, primarily as a result of Jewish terrorism and expulsion of half the Palestinians. Many subsequent proposals have been made but scuttled, primarily by Israeli obfuscation and intransigence. The Israeli/evangelical idea of "peace" today means only one thing: a united Israel from Lebanon to Egypt to Jordan and Syria, without Arabs.

Despite a lot of dust being thrown into the air by Israel's supporters over the weekend, a heartening reality continues undaunted worldwide: Criticism of Israel's injustices is simmering, even boiling over. The Zionist Organization of America, in a recent fundraising letter, gives an accurate overview of the rapidly escalating anger against Israel everywhere.
This new worldwide campaign by universities, media, churches, sports tournaments, public unions, theater people, and the U.N. is really an assault on the right of the self-determination of the Jewish people in their own homeland.

It started with years and years of the Palestine Authority’s verbal attacks and lies against Israel—that has now spread like wildfire around the world.

For example, Salaam Fawaad, the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, recently and falsely proclaimed, ‘ Israel represents a policy of state terror which the Zionist-apartheid state is carrying out against the Palestinians.’ And that’s the so-called ‘moderate’ speaking—not Hamas.

South Africa’s Bishop Tutu said, ‘I’ve been deeply distressed in my visit to the Holy Land. It reminded me so much of what happened to black people in South Africa.’

Professors, like Norman Finkelstein, speak at universities around the world, calling Israel a ‘terrorist state,’ a ‘lunatic state,’ and an ‘insane and satanic state from the boils of hell…committing a holocaust in Gaza.’

Organizations everywhere are calling for a boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel, The North American University Professors, academic groups throughout Europe, South Africa and Australia, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, and Lutheran and Presbyterian Churches.

Not surprisingly, 80% of the United Nation Human Rights Council’s resolutions target Israel alone.

England and other countries are even threatening to arrest Deputy Prime Minister General Moshe Yaalon, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Knesset member Tzipi Livni, and other prominent Israelis for ‘war crimes’ and ‘crimes against humanity.’ These Israeli leaders can no longer travel to those countries.
Criticism of Israel and Jewish control is increasingly vocalized among liberals, including Jewish ones. Many Europeans are angry because of Israel's mistreatment of the people of Gaza. Eastern Europeans particularly believe Jews have too much power, such as in Hungary (70% of the population) and Poland (50%). In Spain, 50% agree.

This is welcome news for lovers of freedom because, if Israel is mired under criticism in the Middle East, it means the Zionist agenda everywhere will be slowed. Once mankind begins to break free from the fatal propaganda vortex into which Israel has sucked us throughout the 20 th century, a new and freeing possibility emerges: openness to the fact that Zionism is not just cruel to Palestinians but also is part of a global Jewish supremacist cancer, inflicting media disinformation, immorality, anti-Christianity, loss of freedom through hate laws, monetary enslavement, and Mideast wars on behalf of Israel. (See, Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish)

Why are evangelical Christians so out of touch with the winds of change?

Biblical history, as well the parables of Christ, often reveals that people who once received the most truth and light from God have a tendency to become jaded and self-satisfied, forcing God to send others to sound His warnings. So it is today. American Bible Belt pro-Zionism, now dispersed throughout the western world, has become so parasitized by Zionist influence that they not only fail to recognize a mighty deliverance but they demonize it. In contrast, God has allowed liberal, even Jewish anti-Zionist protestors to largely take the lead in sounding a vital, last days warning to the world.

It is indeed a pathetic, tragic commentary on the decline of conscience in popular Christianity when baby-killing, pro-sodomite liberals have compassion on the suffering men, women and children of Gaza and evangelicals have none; instead, they rally behind the oppressors!

Jesus said, “The crane and swallow observe the time of their coming, but My people know not the judgment of the Lord.” (Jer. 8:7). Yet, from the thousands of evangelicals who now visit, I know many lovers of God and freedom are praying fervently against Jewish supremacism and for a stay of judgment upon sinful America. I have always prayed that awakening would break out among God’s people, His church. For 30 years I have been working to make it happen. But how that deliverance comes is God’s business.

Personally, I’ll take deliverance anyway it comes...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Zionists, including evangelical Judeo-Christian Zionists, are a truly stiff-necked, megalomaniacal, supremacist people. When they are on top and the world sympathetic, they are smug, haughty, arrogant and imperious, and see this as evidence that they are "chosen" by God, who is 100% behind them; when they are down, and the world is against them, they see this as proof that the world has turned against God, and needs to be whipped for its sins.

They truly have confused themselves with God, or see themselves as His stand-in, and if God Himself came down and berated them for their apostacy, they would no doubt condemn him as a heretic.

Yes, they are that far gone, that deep into their megomaniacal self-love and delusions of grandeur.

These delusions make them not only mentally ill, but dangerously so, because Zionism is a powerful, full-blown political ideology with sympathisers and collaborators on both the Left (e.g. the Jewish-owned Democratic Party) and evangelical-Zionist Right that could easily spark another world war.

The Judeo-Christian Zionists are easily dispensed with on their own, as it is self-evident that the traditionally Christian religious basis of Western civilization is historically anti-tribal and anti-Judeofascist (indeed, anti-tribalism and anti-Judeofascism are some of its defining characteristics), and hence it is self-evident that these Judeo-Christian Zionist evangelicals are impostors and frauds, and as enablers of the Judeofascists, or both anti-Christian and anti-Western. But when these masses of useful idiots and their charlatan leaders in the war-profiteering complex are combined with the powerful Judeofascists themselves, who have all manner of influence over Hollywood, media, and Wall Street, well, the resulting Zionist amalgamation is incredibly poisonous and dangerous indeed.

One of the ways that Zionists deceive the West is to present Israel and the Jewish people as a tiny, besieged island of sanity amidst a sea of angry and insane Arabs and Muslims, and that without its partisans in America, poor little Israel would be eradicated.

This is a false construct worthy of a Hollywood production, as it is nuclear-armed Israel and its Israel-first puppets in Washington that are throwing their Zionist weight around the Middle East, and the Arab and Muslim masses who are divided, and generally suppressed under the yoke of authoritarian dictators -- many of whom are backed by the Zionist Machiavellians who seek to socially engineer them out of the Islamic beliefs just as the weaker elements of the West have been largely socially engineered out of their pro-traditional Christian and pro-Western civilization, anti-Judeofascist ones.

So let's no longer view Zionism as a narrow, particularistic, Jewish cult, but rather as a broad-based ideology similar to Communism, only headquartered in Jerusalem instead of Moscow, and one hell bent on snuffing out traditional Christianity, Western civilization, Islamic civilization, and the world entirely unless it acknowledges that Zionism is "God," bows before it, and agrees to become its slave, just as the U.S. Military has been enslaved by treasonous Zionist ideologues into doing racist Israel's Jewish supremacist bidding throughout the Islamic world.

It's time to take back Christianity, Western civilization, and Western moral authority from these charlatans, frauds, interlopers, parasites and impostors.

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