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Unpatriotic, ethnocentric international Jewry plots "Jewish global grand-strategy" involving Israel, cult indoctrination, expanding racket to Asia

Demography: Is It Good For The Jews...Or The Americans?

( -- by Steve Sailer --

As a long-time admirer of Israel, I’ve come to envy especially the freedom of discussion that Israeli culture permits on fundamental questions of demographics.

Consider, for example, the new book 2030: Alternative Futures for the Jewish People [5 megabyte PDF], which makes for eye-opening reading for anyone lulled by the pabulum of the American press.

This report is written by the staff of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute, a thinktank devoted to maximizing the long-term welfare of “the Jewish People” (which, by the way, it always capitalizes in its publications). An intellectually serious effort, 2030 can serve as a template for anybody thinking about improving the demographic prospects of their own peoples or parties.

For example, GOP leaders could read it and consider how its framework of analysis and its recommendations could be adapted to the task of growing more Republicans.

Founded in 2002, the Jerusalem-based Jewish People Policy Planning Institute has always been chaired by prominent Jewish-American diplomats. Its 2030 report was begun under Dennis Ross, chief U.S. negotiator at Bill Clinton’s failed Camp David 2 peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians in 2000. Ross left JPPPI in 2009 to run the Obama Administration’s Iran policy. The new chairman is Stuart Eizenstat, who had been Chief Domestic Policy Advisor to Jimmy Carter and is now Special Adviser on Holocaust Issues to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Jewish-American heavyweights who participated in brainstorming sessions for this book included: Lawrence Summers (the Obama Administration’s top economic advisor); Elliott Abrams (Bush’s main man on the Middle East); Charles Krauthammer (Washington Post and FoxNews); Abe Foxman (Anti-Defamation League); and Alan Dershowitz (the O.J. Simpson Dream Team).

Despite this American participation, the JPPPI is an offshoot of the Israeli government’s immigration arm, the Jewish Agency for Israel. (The JPPPI’s #2 man is a former boss of Israeli military intelligence). It makes an annual presentation to the Israeli cabinet. And, because the JPPPI’s publications are not intended for non-Jewish audiences—this book has not, so far as I know, previously been reviewed in America outside the Jewish press—it suffers less from the timidity that emasculates intellectual discourse in America.

For example, the JPPPI’s 2030 observes:

“World Jewry today is at a historical zenith of absolute wealth creation. …

“There are no data comparing Jewish and non-Jewish levels of accumulated wealth. One can base the predictions only on non-scientific analysis such as the prominence of Jews among: Nobel laureates, lists of rich people and the ‘Russian oligarchs,’ leaders of financial institutions, entertainment, hi-tech industries, and political representatives.” [Links added]

Sounds like they’re reading my stuff! (See links.)

2030 continues:

“Based on these observations, one can say that Jewish wealth is higher than almost any other ethnic group worldwide.”

That’s not the kind of thing you read in the U.S. press every day…

“Barring a financial catastrophe that would impoverish large numbers of Jews, given Jewish professional selection, levels of education and global mobility these trends are likely to continue in the next 20 years.”

It’s also informative to discover that the JPPPI views anti-Semitism at present “as a moral problem and an irritant, but not having any serious consequences”.
To its great credit, the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute has formally laid out its thinking in a clear fashion. Some may not agree with it, but everyone can see how they got to their conclusion: “Therefore, upgrading and increasing the power of the Jewish People, including the net power of Israel, is an existential necessity”...

If in 2030, Jews are self-confidently ethnocentric (have high Jewish Momentum) and the rest of the world loves them, then, according to the JPPPI, the Jewish People will be “Thriving”.

The opposite quadrant is called “Nightmare”—where Jews are both unpopular with outsiders and highly assimilated. Currently, Iran is the best (or worst) present-day example of this.

The JPPPI classifies the American Jewish community as currently “Thriving” due to an extremely positive external climate for Jews in America and moderately high internal Jewish Momentum.

It worries, though, that Jews are so popular with other Americans that Jewish cohesiveness will be sapped over the next 20 years. A high rate of intermarriage could drive the American Jewish community into the Drifting quadrant, where “Demographic shifts including accelerated assimilation of the Jewish community in the US, and its decline relative to other groups in the US leads to decline in its political power”.

(JPPPI’s new chairman Stuart Eizenstat grumbled in 2009: “The growing Hispanic and Asian populations are not per se antagonistic to Israel, but they have little connection to the Jewish State”.)

While intermarriage slowly dilutes Jewish identity in America, the JPPPI notes a counter-trend: that many American Jews are becoming more “identified and affiliated”, as exemplified by the growth of Jewish day schools. This means that:

“… the patterns of decline are taking place concurrently with the increased number of strongly Jewish US senators and members of the House of Representatives, Jewish studies at colleges and universities around the US are numerous and highly visible, and in some places it has become quite ‘in’ to be Jewish in the US, even a status symbol.”

The opposite of “Drifting” is “Defending”—where Jews are besieged by anti-Semites, yet internally strong as a community. The JPPPI cites France, where Muslim immigration has led to pogrom-like incidents, as currently the closest to this alternative future.

The Jewish People Policy Planning Institute seems to prefer “Defending” to “Drifting”:

“While the Drifting future might be very pleasant and positive for Jews as individuals, it reflects an overall decline of the Jewish People as a whole. … a Defending alternative future demonstrates that even under strenuous external conditions, the Jewish People could become stronger”...

The JPPPI makes numerous policy recommendations in 2030. For instance, it’s important to have a Plan B:

“The United States will likely continue to be the most powerful state for at least the first part of the 21st century but its relative power will diminish. …

“The rise of Asian states, particularly China and India, may be very significant from a Jewish perspective since Asian countries do not share the Biblical religions and traditions, and therefore, have a radically different view of Judaism and the Jewish People than Christian and Islamic countries. Also, they do not have significant Jewish communities. This provides unprecedented opportunities for a Jewish global grand-strategy, as proposed in a JPPPI paper on upgrading relations between the Jewish People and China.”

In case you are wondering whom the JPPPI sees as coming out ahead in the second part of the 21st century, it has prioritized its position papers on “Enhancing the Standing of Jewish People in Emerging Superpowers without Biblical Traditions” as China first, then India, and Japan at a later date...MORE...LINK

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