Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Crooked Zionist Weiner's pathological lying extended to Israel-Palestine conflict

Weiner repeatedly lied (about Israel and Palestine– does anyone care?)

(MondoWeiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

If the Anthony Weiner scandal has an upside, let us hope that it will unearth the countless lies, stretchers, and bodacious and rabid falsehoods that the congressman told three months back at the New School in a debate about the Goldstone Report that we set up between him and former Congressman Brian Baird, moderated by Roger Cohen of the New York Times.

Here are five of those lies: There is no Israeli occupation of the West Bank, the Goldstone Report was not based on the laws of war, Israel is at war with 20 neighbors, American progressives should support the absence of free speech in Israel when it comes to its character as a Jewish state, and Egypt is an Islamic state. To the videotape:

Crocodile tears from a Jewish Zionist crock: A "sorry" Weiner poses for the cameras, but clings to his Congressional seat, no doubt plotting revenge for the horrible wrongs and humiliations he's endured at the hands of the anti-Semitic goyim that his Zionist mind blames for his own self-inflicted degradation

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