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Israel-first Jewish establishment still has corrupt Democratic Party under its thumb, even as liberal Jews find Zionism increasingly incomprehensible

The Rise and Fall of the American Jewish Establishment

(History News Network) -- by Jack Ross --

...One very concrete consequence of the post-1967 transformation of the Israel lobby has been the withering of the UJA and the “federation” structure that it left behind, to the point where in many localities these federations have become dominated by critics of the American Jewish establishment, including not only J Street but groups well to their left. This has become a point of great anguish for the neocons and other right-wing Israel partisans, as has the rise of a Jewish religious leadership decidedly hostile to Zionism. Though the major Jewish denominations remain affiliated with the Conference of Presidents and thus directly implicated in its activities, unaffiliated congregations with origins in the new left and counterculture – that first emerged when the American Jewish establishment was at its zenith – have been the wave of the future for some time.

But the most fateful factor has been the alliance of the American Jewish establishment with the neoconservatives. It has been said that with friends like the neocons, Israel does not need enemies, and this is if anything even more true of the American Jewish establishment. Norman Podhoretz wrote frankly in his memoir Breaking Ranks that the opposition of the emerging neoconservatives to George McGovern was motivated in great measure by a concern that a less militarist America would be bad for Israel, and this was repeated at the time by many of his colleagues such as Irving Kristol and John Roche.

In neocon polemics against their political near-neighbors who remained on the left in the 1970s and 80s, we can see the origins of their present unmitigated hysteria toward progressive Zionists such as J Street and Peter Beinart. As early as this period, any suggestion by critics on the left that they cared more deeply about Israel and for that reason wanted it to make the necessary sacrifices to survive as a Jewish state touched a very raw nerve for the neocons. The great irony, however, is that the deep commitment to Israel and to Zionist first principles by the democratic left of this era, reflected in the present day by J Street, may have been the very thing that ensured the marriage of the American Jewish establishment and the neoconservatives. This commitment to Israel was not the only factor, but a critical factor, in the failure of principled non-interventionism to take hold on the left in the aftermath of Vietnam, thereby pulling American politics to the point where by the 1990s the left-most reach of political respectability was the Democratic Leadership Council.

In short, the American Jewish establishment based so much of its program on the assumption that this would be the case indefinitely, and a generation later it is paying dearly for it. The American Jewish establishment may still have all the friends it needs and more in the Democratic Party, but American liberalism has changed profoundly since the 1990s, to say nothing of the 1970s. The writer Irving Howe, who came to bitterly regret his alliance with the neoconservatives in his final years, gave a speech in 1989 foreseeing that “because the religion of most American Jews is not serious, it has become almost totally defined by Israel, and a major crisis will erupt as Israel’s actions become less and less defensible.”...

For a host of complex political and historical reasons, the American Jewish establishment was able to persist on its own terms for over half a century. But this gradual loss of intelligibility is precisely what has finally come home to roost in recent years, not least with the generation of American Jewish youth who were the subject of the Beinart essay. It is not, as Beinart put it, that they have made the opposite decision from their elders and prioritized liberalism over Zionism rather than the reverse, but the first principles of Zionism and the American Jewish establishment simply strike them as incomprehensible if not absurd...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Whether liberal American Jews want to accept it or not, contemporary, Judeofascist Zionism is the essence of Judaism, and has been ever since the depraved Pharisees that Jesus railed against usurped and corrupted the religion of the Prophets, just as the greatest of the Prophets railed against the Jewish people for their regular lapses into greed, fraud, moral and ethical degeneracy, and hedonism.

In essence, "Judaism" has actually been nihilistic "Judeofascism" as manifested in Talmudic Jewry in an incubation period of over 2,000 years, and the hard core of Jewry that held the religion together over the course of that long period is personified in the hard core Judeofascist fundamentalists of Israel as well as the hard core Diaspora Israel lobby and its many agents layered throughout American institutions and the American establishment (a group that is superficially functional, but many of which are profoundly deranged and schizophrenic as a consequence of their subterranean dual or Israel-first loyalties and the treachery and betrayals necessitated by the Zionist ideology, e.g. Anthony Weiner).

The slowly-dawning realization that is taking place in the minds of many liberal Jews is not that they are not Zionists, but rather that they are not Jews.

There is an ironic corollary taking place on the Christian side, wherein Israel's behavior, modus operandi, ethics, and fascist character has triggered the opposite realization in many money-worshipping Judeo-Christian Zionists and crass Judeophile liberals so enamored of the wealthy, luxurious and pampered Jewish establishment, Jewish lifestyle, the Israel lobby and Israel itself; namely, that these people are not Christians, but that they are rather Jews themselves.

Worse, many of these are morphing socially, ethically, intellectually, culturally and spiritually into Judeofascist while still calling themselves Christians, and attempting to paper it all over by claiming the New Testament wasn't a complete rejection and repudiation of corrupted Jewry in favor of a new morality, a new world view, a new way of life, a new religion, but rather that the Old Testament and New Testament are on a moral continuum. In this view, the Judeo identity that became so corrupted and which Jesus utterly rejected in favor of a new morality can actually be stepped into and out of as the situation requires.

In short, they subscribe to the very situational ethics that Jesus utterly rejected, and that are ipso-facto an utter repudiation of Jesus' morality themselves.

This, too, is triggering schizophrenic moral, ethical and social breakdowns amongst the Judeo-Christian Zionists and Judeophile liberals who, like their Jewish Zionist, Israel-first relations, are attempting to have it both ways, to serve two gods, and to endure and impose an ideological cognitive dissonance that is ultimately unendurable (not to mention psychosis-inducing) and unsustainable.

It is this fundamentally dishonest, two-faced, fast-talking, back-stabbing, hustler-identifying, Judeo-grifter ethic that is at the root of our problems in America, at the root of our Israel-first wars, and at the root of the many Judeo-grifter Ponzi schemes perpetrated by the Judeofascists and pseudo-Christians that have destroyed the American economy and are well on the way to destroying the country.

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