Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Judeofascists issue murderous threat to upcoming peaceful American Gaza-aid flotilla via Zionist blog

Senior Israeli security official on the flotilla of fools

(Israel Matzav) -- by Carl in Jerusalem --

I received the following from a senior Israeli security official:
Israel can't afford to risk the lives of our civilians or the possibility that arms will get into Gaza, and we will not let in a flotilla to Gaza purely because of PR.

A blockade is legal only if effective and absolute. You can't have a selective blockade, you can't decide who goes in and who doesn’t. I don’t believe this flotilla is smuggling weapons, but if we do let them in, we won't have any legal basis to maintain the blockade, and it will set a precedent and I'm sure you all know what might get in during the second, third, or fourth flotilla.

No nation outsources its security. As I said before, onboard there can be a lot of places to hide things – compartments, hidden spaces, anything. We don’t intend to give any private company or country the responsibility of our security. If someone wants to oversee the security check with us in Ashdod, we have no problem.

The principle is to try to avoid engagement between the military forces and the activists. We want to avoid putting our soldiers in danger and having to react. However, it is not always preventable. If someone is intent on behaving violently, we will of course respond.

Will Obama allow Israel to exterminate a boat load of Americans in the Mediterranean just as LBJ did to the Liberty crew? More than likely...

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