Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Many influential liberal “secular” intellectual movements originated with core of Jews seeking to end anti-Semitism, make world safe for…Judeofascism

Jewish Intellectual Movements in the 20th Century, by Professor Kevin MacDonald (part 1/6)

(YouTube.com) -- by TheDSFHR --


Chris Moore comments:

With the Judeofascists at the core of so many of these pseudo-"liberal" (statist-liberal) and pseudo-"secular" (crypto-Jewish supremacist) intellectual movements, no wonder there's no such thing as libertarian secularism or libertarian liberalism in these lefty or pseudo-conservative neocon camps, but rather, where the rubber meets the road, they all can be described as "liberal fascist" as a consequence of their Judeofascist founders, whose influence was decisive, and fascist agenda and ethic is ongoing.

That's why I much prefer the libertarian-nationalist American Founders, who were mostly authentic Christians in rebellion against both the Anglo-fascist Royalists and their Judeofascist money men.

America again needs to clear a safe-haven against these predatory fascists of both Left and Right by any and all means necessary, or it can kiss the concept of freedom, justice, liberty and rule of law free of hierarchical Judeofascist sociopaths and their collaborators and useful idiots goodbye forever.

Feel no pity and give no quarter to any of these fascist liberals of Left or neocon Right and their Globalist agenda; they're with the enemies of freedom, sovereignty, self-determination and Christianity, and on the side of the totalitarian devil and his war against liberty, God and humankind.

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