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The Scofield Bible a Zionist forgery with Oxford origins that has created millions of warlike, Judeo-Christian Zionist useful idiots

The Source of the Problem in the Mid East — Part II
Why Judeo-Christians Support War

( -- by C. E. Carlson --

The French author, Alexis de Tocqueville, wrote Democracy in America when he traveled here in the first third of the 19th Century. In ringing tones he sang the praises of America's invulnerable strength and spirit. He attributed its greatness to its citizens' sense of morality... even with the abundant church attendances he observed in America. De Tocqueville wrote in French and is credited with this familiar quote: AMERICA IS GREAT BECAUSE SHE IS GOOD, AND IF AMERICA EVER CEASES TO BE GOOD, SHE WILL CEASE TO BE GREAT.

De Tocqueville could see the power of America, but he could not have known in 1830 that she was soon to be under an attack aimed at its churches and the very sense of morality that he extolled.

First, there was a War Between the States, which scarred the powerful young nation in its strapping youth. A worse attack on America was to commence near the turn of the 20th century. This was the onset of an attack on American Christianity that continues unabated against the traditional, Christ-following church. This attack, which author Gordon Ginn calls "The final Apostasy," began with a small very wealthy and determined European political movement. It had a dream, and the American churches stood in its way.

The World Zionist movement, as its Jewish founders called themselves, had plans to acquire a homeland for all Jews worldwide, even though most were far from homeless, and many did not want another home. Not any land would do. World Zionists wanted a specific property that American Christians called "the Holy Land." But if these Zionists read Democracy in America or any of the journals of any of America's churches, which no doubt they did, they could not help but know that Jerusalem was not theirs to have. As self-proclaimed Jews, they were, according to the Christian New Testament, the persecutors of Christ and most of his early followers, and the engineers of his crucifixion. America's traditional churches in the 19th Century would never stand for a Jewish occupation of Jesus' homeland.

World Zionist leaders initiated a program to change America and its religious orientation. One of the tools used to accomplish this goal was an obscure and malleable Civil War veteran named Cyrus I. Scofield. A much larger tool was a venerable, world respected European book publisher — The Oxford University Press.

The scheme was to alter the Christian view of Zionism by creating and promoting a pro-Zionist subculture within Christianity. Scofield's role was to re-write the King James Version of the Bible by inserting Zionist-friendly notes in the margins, between verses and chapters, and on the bottoms of the pages. The Oxford University Press used Scofield, a pastor by then, as the Editor, probably because it needed such as man for a front. The revised bible was called the Scofield Reference Bible, and with limitless advertising and promotion, it became a best-selling "bible" in America and has remained so for 90 years.

The Scofield Reference Bible was not to be just another translation, subverting minor passages a little at a time. No, Scofield produced a revolutionary book that radically changed the context of the King James Version. It was designed to create a subculture around a new worship icon, the modern State of Israel, a state that did not yet exist, but which was already on the drawing boards of the committed, well-funded authors of World Zionism.

Scofield's support came from a movement that took root around the turn of the century, supposedly motivated by disillusionment over what it considered the stagnation of the mainline American churches. Some of these "reformers" were later to serve on Scofield's Editorial Committee.

Scofield imitated a chain of past heretics and rapturists, most of whose credibility fizzled over their faulty end times prophesies. His mentor was one John Nelson Darby from Scotland, who was associated with the Plymouth Brethren and who made no less than six evangelical trips to the US selling what is today called "Darbyism." It is from Darby that Scofield is thought to have learned his Christian Zionist theology, which he later planted in the footnotes of the Scofield Reference Bible. It is possible that Scofield's interest in Darbyism was shared by Oxford University Press, for Darby was known to Oxford University. (The History of Darbyism)

The Oxford University Press owned "The Scofield Reference Bible" from the beginning, as indicated by its copyright, and Scofield stated he received handsome royalties from Oxford. Oxford's advertisers and promoters succeeded in making Scofield's bible, with its Christian Zionist footnotes, a standard for interpreting scripture in Judeo-Christian churches, seminaries, and Bible study groups. It has been published in at least four editions since its introduction in 1908 and remains one of the largest selling Bibles ever.

The Scofield Reference Bible and its several clones is all but worshiped in the ranks of celebrity Christians, beginning with the first media icon, evangelist Billy Graham. Of particular importance to the Zionist penetration of American Christian churches has been the fast growth of national bible study organizations, such as Bible Study Fellowship and Precept Ministries. These draw millions of students from not only evangelical fundamentalist churches, but also from Catholic and mainline Protestant churches and non-church contacts. These invariably teach forms of "dispensationalism," which draw their theory, to various degrees, from the notes in the Oxford Bible.

Among more traditional churches that encourage, and in some cases recommend, the use of the Scofield Reference Bible is the huge Southern Baptist Convention of America, whose capture is World Zionism's crowning achievement. (See our report on Southern Baptist Zionism, entitled "The Cause of the Conflict: Fixing Blame".)

Scofield, whose work is largely believed to be the product of Darby and others, wisely chose not to change the text of the King James Edition. Instead, he added hundreds of easy-to-read footnotes at the bottom of about half of the pages, and as the Old English grammar of the KJE becomes increasingly difficult for progressive generations of readers, students become increasingly dependent on the modern language footnotes.

Scofield's notes weave parts of the Old and New Testaments together as though all were written at the same time by the same people. This is a favorite device of modern dispensationalists who essentially weigh all scripture against the unspoken and preposterous theory that the older it is, the more authoritative. In many cases the Oxford references prove to be puzzling rabbit trails leading nowhere, simply diversions. Scofield's borrowed ideas were later popularized under the labels and definitions that have evolved into common usage today — "pre-millennialism," "dispensationalism," "Judeo-Christianity," and most recently the highly political movement openly called "Christian Zionism."...MORE...LINK
Cyrus I. Scofield, a shameless fraud and charlatan, and his English money men at Oxford University Press, made a mint and defrauded a nation of Christians by peddling Zionist propaganda organ, The Scofield Bible


Anonymous said...

nazi pig, see u in hell burning

Chris Moore said...

I'm going to assume the above comment is from a Scofield adherent, and directed at Scofield himself.

Anonymous said...

I read site after site about this hoax. But no one, including Canfield himself tell me WHY oxford press wanted to publish it and WHY they continue to change it year after year!! WHY do they want to change the message. Who is behind it within Oxford. And one more, WHY would all these sites skip that like it is unimportant?

Peter said...

"It is essential that the sufferings of Jews... become worse... this will assist in realization of our plans... I have an excellent idea... I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.” — Theodor Herzl (1897), Founder of Zionism

"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." — Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-1983)

First Prime Minister of the Jewish State of Israel, David Ben-Gurion:

"With the exception of the USSR as a federated Eurasian state, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah."

"The Zionists brought us to the Holocaust. It is well known that it was possible to redeem Jews from the Nazis with money, and save many hundreds of thousands of Jews in Hungary . . . THE ZIONIST LEADERS WHO NOW SIT IN GOVERNMENT PREVENTED IT!" — Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich (circa 1954)

Sandy said...

Anonymous, the Oxford University Press has close ties to the Zionist monies. You will need to research this yourself but the fact that Z.monies got the Scofield Ref Bible publised there in the first place and the history of Jewish control over the Publishing / Print media, is a major part to your answer, because it also points to why it is still being published. It's a great money maker for them, what with the twats like Billy Graham and the mega churches in the US, and other youtube ministries pushing the oxymoronic Christian/Ziionism and Judeo-Christian tags. These people are being led like sheep to the slaughter. Why do they want to change the message? Because Ashkenazi and Khazarian Jews are a victim group. They make money from the Goy. The so called shaming "Anti-Semitic" false tag is used to extract lots of funds. Personally I see that as abusive language by them and not legitimate. The rest is all answered by the fact of the Jewish Victimhood claims which can be managed at their whims. It's really simple.

Anonymous said...

Send this article to all your Christian/zionist friends. I would but I don't have any.

Anonymous said...

Well, more specifics would be rather useful about the wrong comments / notes in the Scofield Bible including "proper" understanding of the biblical text, be it KJV.

Anonymous said...

My fellow Americans (that means non-Jews): NEVER disarm to this tribe!

Steven Rowlandson said...

In the gospel of John chapter 8:31-48 Jesus was talking to Jews who actually professed to believe in him and not the priests or Pharisees. Jesus effectively ripped the mask off them showing them to be no better than the pharisees. So except for a small minority who found their moral compass and became true followers of Jesus the son of god the lions share of the Jews were and remained exactly what Jesus said they were even to this very day. Children of the devil. It isn't safe to have them in white or christian nations.

Don said...

They are tied to illumibati and banking cartel for quest in global zionist domination. what better wsy than to twist bible prophecy and get Christians to accept it as a matter of fact. Christians usering in the very thing they don't want coupled with a false red herring rapture. No matter mans plans God is Soverign He will be glorified in the end. Satan comes as light as false light,God knows all the moves ahead of time. Vistory is in the blood of Christ and resurrection.