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Zionist syndicate psychopaths spin Israel's slaughter of Palestinian demonstrators, refugees as fault of Syria, Iran, and demonstrators themselves

On Naksa Day, unarmed resistance sends Israel into violent contortions

( -- by Max Blumenthal --

...Zurayk described scenes he witnessed of refugee youth rushing the Israeli controlled frontier at Maroun al-Ras with nothing but Palestinian flags in their hands, and of the Israeli response: soldiers shot the youth dead, killing one almost every five minutes.

After an international outcry, Israel blamed the Syrian regime and Iran for the demonstrations at the frontiers (it had little to say about the killings it committed in Maroun al Ras, Lebanon, however). I asked Zurayk about the Israeli claim. He remarked, “No amount of Syrian money can make people run to a border knowing they will be shot at. If the Syrians are being clever, that is their consideration. But do you really think Palestinians need Syrians to make them want to return to Palestine? They are living in camps with sewage running openly, with no jobs and no opportunities.”

While evidence that the Syrian regime directly organized the demonstrations is scant to non-existent, the regime clearly enabled the demonstrators to reach the fence by neglecting to repel them with its own troops. Not only does this fact fail to excuse Israel’s wanton killing, it highlights the irony of Israel and its allies condemning the Syrian regime for its brutal repression of Syrian citizens rising up against it (of course, the whole world should deplore Assad’s draconian rule), while at the same time demanding that the regime repress the Palestinian refugees who are protesting for their own internationally recognized rights.

Yesterday, on June 5, the commemoration of Naksa Day, Palestinian refugees and their supporters returned to the Israeli controlled frontiers to protest the 44th anniversary of the occupation. Protests swelled at the Qalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem, where according to Joseph Dana Israeli forces tested out new and unusual weapons on demonstrators, and spread to Nablus, where Israeli forces fired teargas shells at a group of people protesting the occupation by planting trees. The most intense protests took place at the Quneitra crossing near the occupied Golan Heights, where Israeli forces gunned down at least 20 unarmed demonstrators as they approached the frontier fence (be sure to watch the video at the link). “We could have taken the easier route of uncontrolled fire, but we decided to operate in a very limited manner,” an army spokesman said afterward, reassuring the world that Israel could have killed hundreds more, but chose to pick off about 20 unarmed civilians in the name of restraint.

In the hours following the bloodshed, the Israeli response grew increasingly contorted. Army spokespeople claimed the demonstrators “were responsible for their own deaths,” claiming they stepped on landmines. No evidence of landmine deaths was provided by the unnamed military sources, only conjecture. Next, Israel turned to its favorite Syrian cut-out in Washington, Farid Ghadry, an AIPAC member and discredited “serial entrepreneur” who is widely regarded as the Syrian version of Ahmed Chalabi — Ghadry actually met Chalabi in Richard Perle’s living room. In a statement published on the website of his astro-turfed Reform Party of Syria, Ghadry claimed that the protesters at Quneitra were not actual Palestinian refugees, but impoverished “Syrian farmers” who had been paid $1000 each by the Assad regime just to show up, and $10,000 to die. Ghadry claimed he gleaned the information from “intelligence sources close to the Assad regime in Lebanon.”

Israeli military spokespeople appear to be pushing Ghadry’s press release, because the canard immediately showed up in a report by Yediot Aharnoth’s Hanan Greenberg, one of the many military correspondents in the Israeli media who dutifully report any claim by any flack in an olive uniform as though it were a substantiated fact. “Syrian Opposition: Anti-Israel Rioters paid $1000,” read the Yediot headline. But the story has not graduated beyond the pro-Israel blogosphere, probably because Ghadry and his shell of an opposition group — it is quite clearly a neocon front organization — have no credibility in Syria or anywhere else...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

This is so typical of the Judeofascist: nothing is ever their fault, the other party is always to blame, their opponents or resistance or critics "made them" lash out, strike out, murder...

Not coincidentally, this is also the mindset of clinical psychopaths, who regularly maintain that some other party or their victims themselves are responsible for the psychopath's problems or aggressive, often criminal behavior and actions.

Is there a category for an ideological collective afflicted by a violent, group psychopathology? Criminally insane cult, perhaps.

To think that the American Establishment is under the thumb of this criminally insane cult of Judeofascist psychopaths and their bird-of-a-feather ideological Zionist/Globalist useful idiots is chilling, to say the least.


"We will never forgive you for making us kill your sons.": Sick Zionist minds from Meir to Obama

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Anonymous said...

Any educated person who studies the facts - the UN resolutions, OSLO etc. can find out for themselves how the Jewish nation of Israel since 1948 have 'colonized' the Palestinian's country. There's simply no truer term for their usurping of lands not their own. Worse, the terrible crimes against the Jews by Nazi's has had little to no effect on the conscience of the majority of Jews in Israel when exterminating innocent Palestinians and bulldozing their homes for the last 50 years. I'm sick and tired of reading Zionist propaganda that calls everyone else terrorists when the Jews themselves are mostly the perpetrators - always in the name of security of course, or retaliation to the bad guys. They have cashed in on sympathy of their genocide, for this I find it hard to like them as a people although I know there are some with a conscience. There a too few gutsy journalists and editors who'll publish the truth but there are a few, and some of them Jews themselves which is comforting.

If someone took all you had at gunpoint and with tanks, I'm sure we'd throw stones back at the perpetrators too. Maybe, if they slaughtered our innocent loved ones we'd take up arms if you could.

Palestinian's were sold out by Arafat, the Arab world and the USA and UK. The world ignored their plight as Israel just bullied them into submission and stole everything from them. Just look at the proposed fence line that was mandated for their country, and look at how the Jews ignored every major international authority and just build the fence wherever they wanted stealing so much Palestinian land. So, the Palestinian's have the crappy Gaza strip and parts of the West Bank and live in fear of an occupying well armed force.

We should all be ashamed of ourselves for letting this happen to these innocent people, and to call the victims the terrorists is the ultimate heinous crime by Israel. Heaven forbid the outcry if someone started stealing our land in the west.