Sunday, July 17, 2011

With Obama and leviathan-left on the political ropes, its moneybags Jews to the rescue to keep their government-centered Zionist racket hopping

Obama’s Fundraising Triumph: Thank The Jews

(Occidental Observer) -- by John Graham --

Friday was Fundraising disclosure day for the Presidential aspirants – and the winner was Barack Obama. He won because of the Jews.

Reminding us that Rupert Murdoch’s injection of U.K. Tabloid style has its uses, The New York Post has the most succinct account: O’s pals pony up $68 mil by Geoff Earle July 16, 2011
Obama’s huge $68 million campaign-money haul in the last quarter came with a big assist from an array of big-money donors — 27 of whom raised more than $500,000 each for his re-election campaign…

The 244 big-cash bundlers raised at least $37 million, or more than half of Obama’s total fund-raising haul for the quarter…

By contrast, Mitt Romney, the top fund-raiser among GOP candidates, brought in $18 million…
The Obama campaign has released a list of these 244 “bundlers” – parties who undertake their own fund-raising efforts for a campaign. It is here.

By my count (which is still rising) 120 of these individuals are Jewish. No other ethnic or social group (such as the Gays) can be identified as supplying more than a handful.

Occidental Observer readers will be interested in my methodology. A number of these bundlers, like Chicago’s Penny Pritzker (“$100,000- $200,000”) or Hollywood’s Jeffrey Katzenberg (“$500,000+”) are very well-known. And a large number have obviously Jewish names (is it really necessary to spend much time, on, for instance “$100,000-$200,000” category bundler Israel Roizman of Lafayette Hill Pennsylvania?).

No doubt one or two of these Jewish-surnamed people will turn out to have inherited or converted to Christianity. In the context of supporting Obama, this may be less significant to evaluating Jewish influence than in other situations. But far more important, there are a considerable number of names not obviously Jewish which upon investigation turn out to be, in fact, held by Jews.

For example Mark Gilbert of Boca Raton ($500,000+) has been discussed by Mondoweiss for his demanding Zionism. And Marc Stanley of Dallas ($100,000-$200,000) is Chairman of the National Jewish Democratic Council and wrote Why Jews Overwhelmingly Support Obama for the Huffington Post back on March 25 2009. So far, I have found rather more than a dozen examples of this...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Organized Jewry essentially owns the Democratic Party at the national level and has taken control of large components of U.S. left-liberalism

And yet, it’s amazing to me how idiots on the Right and in the Republican Party insist on feeding the Zionist beast with wars for Israel.

With leadership too stupid to add 2 + 2, it’s no wonder Jewry runs circles around the Right.


With Jewry pulling the strings of government by buying and corrupting it, and using its largesse to buy off other minorities, pit them against Whites and/or Christians with jobs programs and “affirmative action,” make sure they stay cohesive with ideological multiculturalism (which keeps Jewry from sticking out like a sore thumb), and instructing them about how racist Whites and Christians are and have always been, it's little wonder this country is in utter turmoil and on the brink of ruin.

Of course, Jewry is the most racist, dangerous and oppressive network in the history of the world, with Israel’s increasingly naked fascism as just the latest bit of proof, and Big Government is exactly how the Jewish Bolsheviks and Stalinists first took over, and ultimately destroyed Russia, murdering millions upon millions of innocents of ALL races and ethnicities in the process.

I wonder when the supposedly "peace loving" liberals of the world and other apologists for Judeofascism will go after organized Jewry for its pernicious and destructive warmongering influence and modus operandi of perpetually violently pitting groups against each other?

In the case of both Judeophile "liberals" on the Left and pseudo-"Christian" Zionists on the Right, it's obvious their professed "liberal" and "Christian" identities are nothing but superficial window dressing to mask over their utter cravenness and cowardice.


The reason organized Jewry has so much money to throw at candidates and buy them off is largely because of their fascist racketeering, much of which is government-centered and taxpayer financed (e.g. money laundered through Israel, and money distributed to Jewish bankers by the Jewish-dominated Fed, which is then forwarded to various factions of organized Jewry from Wall Street to Hollywood to Main Street to pursue the Zionist/Jewish supremacist agenda).

Once it got control of the Fed, Jewry has been able to use the very good credit built up by generations of honest, hard working Americans to create and print the money currently being used to strangle their descendants.

Letting Jewry get control of the money supply of any country is ultimately a death sentence for any non-Jews who might oppose them.

Only Ron Paul wants to end the Fed and take back the money supply from these Zionist interlopers, thieves and murderers.


Unfortunately, just like Jewry, large factions of Whites are totally cut-throat when it comes to wanting loose money propped up at gunpoint and war, and “getting ahead,” even if it means going against the best interests their own civilization and at the risk of long term White genocide.

I think this insatiable greed is why Jewry has always had such small numbers and hence has to turn operationally fascist, and that’s where Whites are headed on their current trajectory, as well.

It's amazing that some of these Jew-like, Mammonite Whites still try to pass themselves off as "Christians." Such self-deceit can only last so long before it completely implodes upon their heads as a consequence of sheer hypocrisy and estrangement from any authentically Christian, humanistic ethos in favor of self-serving particularism and egocentricity.

In Apocalypse Now, Marlon Brando as Col. Kurtz asks: "What do you call it when the assassins accuse the assassin?"

I ask: What do you call it when Mammonite, Yahweh Jews conjure Mammonite, Yahweh Whites, and vice-versa?

Answer: The end of Western civilization, and probably the ascension if statist-totalitarianism, or totalitarian Islam due to the death by a thousand cuts of free will Christianity.

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