Monday, August 01, 2011

Bolshevism, Zionism, neoconservatism ... multiculturalism?: Forsaking racism, David Duke reveals fascist Jewry's latest conflict-inciting Trojan horse

Multiculturalism in Europe: Who is Behind It? by David Duke

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UPDATE: The video above was apparently removed by YouTube "due to a copyright claim by IBA (Israeli Broadcasting Authority)." (These Judeofascists and their partisans manage to get their greasy little fingers all over everything.) However, just copy and paste the following into a google search, and you can likely find an uncensored version temporarily on YouTube or elsewhere on the Internet:

Multiculturalism in Europe: Who is Behind It? by David Duke

Chris Moore comments:

Watch the video above and you will see that its undeniable that the Judeofascists and their sick gentile lackeys and collaborators are pathological warmongers and conflict-inciters. It’s part and parcel of the culture, and inherent in the Jewish ethno-religious doctrine. Pitting both themselves and other groups against one another is how organized Jewry has kept its tribe intact for some 3,000+ years, and how modern, Judeophile emulators and partners in crime have served their own particularistic interests -- but it’s simultaneously turned the lot of them callous, fascist, and amoral to the point of inhumanity, and resulted in never ending war, turmoil, chaos and death.

Just look at where we’re headed under this multicuturalist-globalist one-two punch being engineered by the Judeofascists and their treasonous allies and partisans: Perpetual war and attacks on the Middle East being incited on behalf of globalism and Zionism on the one hand; perpetual tribal clashes and resulting resentments and violence in Western civilization (as epitomized by Islamist terror and the neocon indoctrinated, terrorist mass murderer Anders Breivik) as a consequence of multiculturalism and at the behest of multicultural tolerance for diaspora Jewish Zionism and its divide-and-conquer agenda and modus operandi on the other -- and all of this is just a small taste of what’s to come unless we get this Zionist-axis under control and the Judeofascists isolated in Israel.

No authentic Christian, Buddhist, humanist, or any other peace and harmony-advocating human being can afford any longer to ignore, minimize, dismiss or apologize for this Judeofascist menace.

The Greco-Christian West can again lead the world in human progress, accomplishment, and freedom and human rights doctrine, but it can NEVER do so until the Zionist-axis is brought to heel and held accountable for its crimes against humanity. Why? Because this is an axis hell bent on sowing strife and chaos the world over, and that views war, conflict and violence as integral not only to its ongoing existence, but the very key to its survival and “salvation.”

Will the Left-Right, multiculturalist-globalist axis being straddled by Zionism and run by the Judeofascists both out of Israel and in the diaspora succeed? Anyone who values their own children and the future of the planet, including Jews with an iota of sanity, will move heaven and earth to make damn sure it doesn’t.


Anonymous said...

The video was removed from YouTube.

Anonymous said...

ha ha, funny, "No authentic Christian, Buddhist, humanist, or any other peace and harmony-advocating human being", christian really??? im sure it is christian driven ideology thar-ts been dropping bombs and supporting israel, and the far right is always quoting christian crusades! Christianity, judaism and Islam have been at the forefront of wars since their inception! the world would have been a better place without them, jeez its so funny the Christian American supported Islamification of Pakistan and sponsored Bin Laden and co for many years in Afghanstan against the russians and thus resulted in many terror attacks on Indian soil, funded by the US. and they say they have started a war on terror, more like they have creasted a market to sell terror, and charge the world for making it a unsafe place, india has had to suffer from the UK and then formerly the US in splitting a country in 3 and then fuel the extremist elements in all three, just like they funded dictators in south america and challenged democracy in a total of over 20 times in various countries round the world!