Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gen. Wesley Clark explains how a (Judeofascist-centered) cabal of Bushcons and neocons hijacked U.S. foreign policy for war against Islam

Wes Clark - America's Foreign Policy "Coup"

(YouTube.com) -- by ForaTv --

Chris Moore comments:

First these Judeofascists, leftists and globalist parasites declared war on Greco-Roman-Christian-Saxon Western civilization, culminating in the WWII swindle that manipulated the U.S. into coming in on the side of the treacherous Soviets (who at that point already had the blood of tens of millions of innocents on their hands, including tens of millions of Christians and two million Muslims).

Instead of immediately going to war against the Commies once the Nazis were dispatched as Gen. George S. Patton wanted to do, we simply divided Europe with the Soviet monsters (thanks to Judeofascist intrigue), which allowed time for ever more of Jewry to migrate West to ratchet up the war on Western civilization from within.

In the contemporary era, once the Judeofascists became confident that Christianity was dead and buried and the West firmly under their thumb, they began maneuvering for the current war against Islam, intrigue outlined by Gen. Wesley Clark above.

One problem: Christianity and Western civilization aren’t dead and buried, and are in fact rising from the ashes, which means the Judeofascists and their degenerate accomplices and collaborators are increasingly caught in a vice between a rising West and an awakened Islam.

Gee, I sure hope all those lowlifes will fit into Israel, the last refuge of Judeofascist scoundrels, and that they're willing to take in their filthy, thuggish, Gentile collaborators.

The West simply isn't big enough for all that trash.

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