Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"Liberal" U.S. Jewish reporters conveniently maintain fiction American-style liberalism is going to break out in Israel any day now

This strange American obssesion with “the return of the Israeli left”

(Promised Land) -- by Noam Sheizaf --

What is it that makes so many American reports on events in Israel end up with the question of “the return of the Zionist Left?” Ethan Bronner’s recent story on the cost of living protest in Israel is yet another example of this trend. By cherry picking a few comments and mixing them with the warm memories of Rabin’s government, the recent social justice movement becomes for Bronner the vessel of “a possible opening for the defeated left.”

I can’t help but think that those American who are so obsessed with this question recognize “their Israel” in a certain image that the Israeli left has projected, one which very rarely had anything to do with its politics. Like a constant search for something that was never there. After all, you won’t see so many stories in American press about “a return of the revisionist Right” in Israel, or about Shas.

It’s time to face facts: Rabin’s second government was an historical accident, no more. This was the only time in 35 years that the left won a Knesset majority – and even then, it wasn’t even close to a majority of the Jewish public. Liberalism, in the American sense, never took real hold in Israel...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Why does the author of this piece believe Jewish Zionist Ethan Bronner is in earnest in his feigned prosaic posturing that American style liberalism may soon break out in Israel?

No Jewish Zionist authentically believes in liberalism for Jews, no matter what flowery lies and gregarious good-will platitudes might spray along with rank spittle from their lips, or spill from their black keyboards.

Of course, they advocate extreme liberalism and "tolerance" for non-Jews to practice towards "vulnerable" Jewry when Jews are in the minority, and diaspora Jewish Zionist politicians, activists, culture shapers, business people, etc. will go to great lengths to push liberalism for non-Jews, and tell them how "crucial" it is, and how "morally sublime" and "open minded" they are for welcoming Jewry with open arms, but this is entirely opportunistic, and ultimately in the service of the Judeofascist agenda. For how can diaspora Jews maintain their wealthy, cohesive, ambitious and self-promoting network if they practice liberalism and inclusion themselves? How can they continue to pursue their self-serving Jewish supremacist vision and its insatiable desire to subjugate non-Jews to the "chosen" race and exploit them for all they're worth if they push liberalism for their own tribe?

Isn't an authentic liberalism of the heart ultimately a non-tribal and even anti-tribal perspective? How on earth can anyone believe that the most cohesive, calculating, self-promoting, and ruthlessly ambitious tribalists in the history of the world actually believe in liberalism for Jewry itself?

The greatest mistake any non-Jewish individual, country or civilization can ever make, and one that is potentially lethal, is taking the advice of a Jewish Zionist in earnest, and assuming there's even an iota of good-will or benign intention behind his or her "counsel."

These people are liars, thieves, murderers, cheats and well-poisoners in the extreme; their bad will and malevolence towards non-Jews is so ingrained upon their minds, hearts and souls that it is often even unconscious. They may be smiling and enthusiastically greeting their Gentile associates with one hand, even as their other hand unconsciously reaches for a knife, and can't contain itself as it stabs them repeatedly in the back the second they turn away.

In fact, having studied these people for some time now, I would even go so far as to warn any half-Jew: if your Jewish parent is a Zionist, do not trust or assume any good will whatsoever, and actually presume bad will towards you on their part, because these Judeofascist psychopaths cannot control their Gentile-hating pathology, and will even unconsciously work to poison the prospects of their own offspring and perhaps even do them in out of uncontrollable hatred for their Gentile half.

If half-Jews reading this want some good advice from a righteous Gentile, it's this: You just make damn sure you keep a close eye on your Jew Zionist parent, because sooner or later their profound and murderous racial hatred for your Gentile half will reveal itself, and may even try to do you grievous harm without even being fully aware of it.

Prepare for their strike, and get them before they get you.

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Anonymous said...

What's the real difference between a Zionist and the average non-Zionist Jew? Both would have the U.S. involved in Israel against our own best interests. Does it really matter if one group wants one state or two states, and the other wants to genocide the Palestinians and take everything? What's in it for the rest of us?

What differentiates the two groups on domestic policy? They are both equally corrosive and divisive.