Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mean-spirited, insatiable enemies of Western civilization, Jewry mocks and insults Western icon Jesus mercilessly

How The Jews Mock Jesus Christ

(Real Zionist News) -- by Nathanael Kapner --

Chris Moore comments:

Of course, most honest people know organized Jewry is the enemy of Christianity, and because Christianity is a central component of Western civilization, many recognize that Jewry is consequently an enemy of the Western ethos, as well.

What fewer people know or are willing to acknowledge is that Jewry's collaborators, including Judeo-Christian Zionists and "compassionate" Judeophile liberals are also the enemies of both Christianity and Western civilization, and enemies possibly as dangerous as Jewry, given that they pose as "Christians," "progressives," and "pro-Western" even as they collaborate with the most unabashedly anti-Christian, anti-Western degenerates on the face of the earth in organized Jewry.

A demonically possessed enemy charging straight at you with nostrils flaring and cloven feet tearing is in many important ways less of threat than the "ally" in your fox hole who strategically stabs you in the back just as you prepare to fire upon the demon.

To ever form a united front against the Judeofascist demon, Jewry's hidden and not-so-hidden collaborators and useful idiots must be identified and routed as well.

In some ways, we have been blessed by the fact that evil is so unabashedly and openly rallying around Jewry in this era, which makes identifying and eradicating it far cleaner, with far less collateral damage.

Those willing to "witness" for Jewry have essentially declared themselves in league with evil, and willing to die for it or with it.

Is it a sin to grant these their deepest, most heart-felt wish? Indeed, isn't it cheating God and the Furies not to?

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