Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wealthy Wall Street Jews switch hosts, Obama to Romney; Israel first behind the migration?

Obama’s Wall Street defectors to Romney include strong supporters of Israel

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

Earlier this year the Wall Street Journal said that unnamed "Jewish donors" were warning Obama that his Israel policies were alienating them.

Well now The Hill reports that 67 Wall Street executives who gave to Obama the last time around are moving to Mitt Romney. The Hill cited five executives by name:
Joshua Harris of Apollo Management, who recently bought the Philadelphia 76ers.... Oscar Schafer of OSS Capital Management, David Solomon of Goldman Sachs, Barry Sternlight [sic; his name is Sternlicht] with the Starwood Capital Group and David Blitzer of the Blackstone Group.
The Hill cited economic reasons for the exodus. The execs feel "betrayed" by Obama's rhetoric about Wall Street, it said, without quoting anyone by name. But I would point out that according to searches of federal filings, three of the five have given to pro-Israel causes (and a fourth, Schafer, to Jewish ones)...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

This relates to my contention that the Fed and its bankster cronies are using taxpayer funds to determine the outcome of elections.

Even though he's surrounded by Jews and the Democratic Party is essentially owned by Jewry, Obama hasn't been Israel-first enough for Zionist fanatics, so these Wall Street parasites upon the American body politic are switching to Romney.

Remember, they are only so wealthy because of their Jewish network and its connections to the Jewish-run Fed (hence wealthy at the expense of average American and the plunder of their credit, hence parasitic), so essentially the outcome to this election and so many others (not to mention the outcome of so many Big Government public policy decisions that are destroying America) are being determined by Jewish parasites who have funneled taxpayer money to themselves, and are using those funds to pull the levers of history in their favor and the favor of those goyim low enough to collaborate with them, and against the interests of Gentile humanity.

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