Saturday, September 10, 2011

Anti-Defamation League proudly carries on its original mission of protecting guilty Jews, lately by declaring 9/11 truthers to be anti-Semitic

Anti-Defamation League: Speaking the truth about 9/11 is anti-Semitic

(What Really Happened, Mr. Friend's Blog) --

...The Anti-Defamation League was not created to protect innocent Jews but the guilty ones! In 1913, Leo Frank, a director of B'nai Brith and owner of a pencil company, was found guilty of the murder of a young employee of that company, Mary Phagan. Frank was convicted based on the testimony of the janitor of the factory, Jim Conley, whom Frank tried to recruit to help clean up the mess. But Governor Slaton, who was also Jewish, commuted the death sentence. Enraged at this travesty of justice, the people of Marietta broke into Leo's prison and lynched him. Following that case, the ADL was formed and launched a campaign to smear all witness and intimidate the media and politicians into first questioning the conviction itself, then demanding a full pardon and exoneration. The goal was not to help Leo Frank, who was of course past caring, but to do damage control; to conceal from the public the fact that such crimes were being committed by prominent members of the Jewish community by claiming that all reports of such crimes are "Anti-Semitism." That [pattern continues to the present, with the wife of Bernioe Madoff still insisting that their fall from wealth is the "Gentile's fault!", and the case reported below in which Rebecca Zahau was found bound hand and foot, hanging in the home of another Jewish CEO, and promptly declared a suicide on the basis of a note written in a third party's handwriting.

So now comes the ADL once more screaming "Anti-Semitism" at anyone questioning the official story of 9-11, even if the question in particular does not involve Israel!...MORE...LINK

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