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How Jewish retailers and union leaders plundered the U.S. economy starting in the second half of the 20th century, leaving it decimated today

(By Chris Moore) -- Pat Buchanan recently wrote an article published on The American Conservative blog that outlined his perspective on American economic decline and how it came about.

The following section captures the gist of his argument
...since the [American] Revolution, America has had a standard of living that has been the envy of the world. From the Civil War through the 1920s, as we became the greatest manufacturing power the world had ever seen, our workers enjoyed pay and benefits that were unmatched anywhere.

Yet our exports in those decades were double our imports, and our trade surpluses annually added 4 percent to the gross national product. How did we do it?

We taxed the products of foreign factories and workers and used the revenue to finance the government. We imposed tariffs of up to 40 percent on foreign goods entering our market and used the tariff money to keep taxes low in the United States.

We made foreigners pay a price to get their products into our market and made them pay to help finance our government. We put our own country and people first.

For corporate America, especially industrial America, this was nirvana.

They had exclusive free access to our market, and foreign rivals had to pay a stiff fee, a tariff, to get their products in and try to compete with U.S. products in the U.S. market.

What happened to this idea that made America a self-sufficient republic, producing almost all it consumed, a nation that could stay out of the world wars as long as she wished and crush the greatest powers in Europe and Asia in less than four years after she went in?

A new class came to power that looked on tariffs as xenophobic, on economic patriotism as atavistic and on national sovereignty as an antique idea in the new world order it envisioned.
The article set off a spate of opinions in the blog's comments section about where Buchanan was right and where he was wrong, but one observation in particular caught my eye:
Paul Likoudis, on September 7th, 2011 at 6:10 am Said:
Back in 1978, I was working at a department store in Portland, Me., now out of business, and one of my jobs was unpacking merchandise. I recall looking at an invoice in a box of ski jackets, which were purchased in Korea at 6 cents each, bought in New York at $6 each, and sold in Portland for $60. At the time, local factories in Maine which made ski jackets, (as well as shoes, socks, shirts, etc.), were going out of business due to “high labor costs.” It struck me as strange at the time that the local department store was selling ski coats at a price local workers could no longer afford because they were out of work. I would bet that local workers could have made the same coat for $30, at a good wage, and the department store could still have made a profit. And the store would likely have remained in business.
I think this is an important anecdote. Let's review it.

U.S. workers could have probably made that jacket for $30 instead of the $6 that retailers bought it wholesale for from importers. At $60 retail, the difference for retailers is 100% profit at $30 wholesale vs. 500% profit at $6 wholesale.

So what we have is unpatriotic, insatiably greedy retailers willing to destroy America in order to get 500% profit instead of 100% profit.

But what we also have seen in America is insatiably greedy, unpatriotic lefties who historically led organized labor unions that shook down manufacturers in order to keep large chunks of that $30 American-made wholesale price for themselves — which is what drove so much manufacturing overseas.

Who are these insatiably greedy, unpatriotic, destructively self-serving people who appeal to avarice and greed to pit Americans against one another and enrich themselves, destroying the country in the process?

Let's start with the retailers. In a blog on "American Jewish Achievements," Dr. Gerhard Falk notes
A third area of achievement which is unquestionably the product of Jewish genius is the retail industry as we know it. That industry was begun by the German Jews who came here in the 1840’s and peddled clothing and household items from door to door all over the South. These peddlers moved all the way from New York to the Santa Fe trail and settled in remote areas of New Mexico and Utah. There they established department stores, a Jewish invention of the greatest consequences for American life, ipso facto. When the great Russian and Eastern European Jewish immigration came here after 1881, these Jews expanded these enterprises and became the founders or developers of such enterprises as Sears, Roebuck, which was indeed founded by Richard Sears but reached its eminence through the genius of Julius Rosenwald. Both Gimbel’s and Macy’s are legendary Jewish success stories.

Then there were the Jewish storekeepers and department store founders who not only became wealthy but who were elected governors of their states. Included were the governor of Idaho, Moses Alexander, Arthur Seligman of New Mexico, and, believe it or not, Simon Bamberger of Utah, and Herbert Lehman of New York Successful Jewish merchants were also elected to the U.S. Senate in the 19th and early 20th century. David Levy Yulee became senator from Florida as did Ernest Gruening, the territorial governor and the first senator of Alaska.
And what about union organizers and leaders? Again, largely dominated by ambitious Jews who self-servingly clung to well paying leadership positions often at the expense and displacement in leadership roles of the non-Jewish workers themselves -- a monopolistic Jewish leadership which was additionally tainted by more than hint of racism.

As a 2009 Forward article on 20th century American garment unions notes:
The garment unions have long dealt with the issue of a demographic disjoint between their membership and leadership. While the ILGWU had a predominantly female membership, it never had a female leader. After World War II, as the Jewish membership in the garment unions fell off, the unions were accused of not allowing the new black and Latino members into top leadership positions.

“These Jewish men never gave up the top ranks of the union, even as their membership demographics stopped being Jewish,” said Daniel Katz, a labor historian at Empire State College.
So what saw in the latter half of the 20th century in particular was, on the one hand, insatiably greedy Jewish union leaders extracting higher and higher worker wages and other forms of compensation from manufacturers (for example, the ridiculously pampered auto workers unions that destroyed the American automobile industry in the 70's) in order to increase their own Jewish power and justify their own ever larger Jewish paychecks, and on the other hand, insatiably greedy Jewish retailers demanding an end to American worker-protecting tariffs in order to increase their already-healthy 100% profit margins to 500% profit margins by buying goods made overseas.

Heirs to the Judeofascists that destroyed American manufacturing, honest unionism, and the American worker-protecting tariff regime are now further plundering America in the financial sector, the banking industry, and of course the Jewish-serving, warmongering international Zionist racket.

What all of this amounts to is yet more proof that self-serving Judeofascists are insatiably greedy nation-wreckers, and that those Gentiles who not only allow them to run amok, but have actually collaborated with them in the plundering, destruction and sell out of the country are totally unfit to lead, and themselves undeniably guilty of a certain kind of slow-motion treason right along with their Judeofascist partners in crime.

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