Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Israel lobby and domestic Zionist stranglehold over corrupt Washington means U.S. forced to follow Israel down the rat hole

Turkey's stance on Israel will reverberate in Washington

The Middle East will never be the same. America must recognise Turkey's emergence as the region's pre-eminent power
(guardian.co.uk) -- by Mohammed Ayoob --

Turkey's expulsion of the Israeli ambassador, the downgrading of its diplomatic relations with Israel, and the Erdogan government's increasingly firm position on the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara signify more than a temporary hiccup in Turkish-Israeli relations. It is a clear signal that Ankara is fed up with Israel's foot-dragging on the apology and compensation that Turkey has demanded as a precondition for the normalisation of Turkish-Israeli relations. The UN's Palmer Commission report, which justified the Israeli blockade of Gaza but accused Israel of using "excessive force" against the flotilla, has been rejected by Turkey. Ankara now plans to take the case against the blockade to the international court of justice (ICJ).

Meanwhile, Monday's visit to Egypt by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's prime minister, can be interpreted as an indication both of his support for the emerging democratic process in Egypt (where public anger at Israel runs high) and his solidarity with Cairo over the killing of five Egyptian security personnel by the Israelis in Sinai. His announcement that he intends to visit Gaza is further indication that Turkey is ratcheting up its support for the Palestinian cause, especially in the run-up to the UN vote on Palestinian statehood. What Erdogan does in Egypt will be keenly watched throughout the region.

The Turkish mood was summed up by the foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, who stated: "The time has come for Israel to pay a price for its illegal action. The price, first of all, is being deprived of Turkey's friendship." While Davutoglu has indicated that an Israeli apology for the flotilla attack and compensation for the dead and wounded could restore normal diplomatic ties, Erdogan has made clear that Israel must end its naval blockade of Gaza for this to happen.

The Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has declared emphatically that Israel will not tender an apology. While his stance may be dictated by coalition politics, it has created a diplomatic impasse. The Obama administration – worried about the ramifications of a major rift between Israel and Turkey for US strategic interests but afraid of taking on the Netanyahu government for domestic reasons – has not put any pressure on Israel. It thus risks alienating Turkey, a crucial Nato member.

This diplomatic episode has important implications for the future of the Middle East. First, it demonstrates that Israeli dominance of the eastern Mediterranean will no longer go unchallenged. Erdogan has made clear that the Turkish navy will play a more active role in the area, and Turkish sources have indicated that it may even escort flotillas carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza. Any future attempt by Israel to prevent aid from reaching Gaza could spark a military confrontation.

Second, it demonstrates that Israel's defiance of international law, especially regarding its treatment of the occupied territories, will face increasing challenges in international forums...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

This just demonstrates how the defective elites of the post WWII "Silent" and "Boomer" generations are moral, ethical and spiritual weaklings who didn't have the vision, brains, or intestinal fortitude to stand up to organized Jewry and its machinations, and that they have destroyed America's once-noble standing and made us the laughingstock of the world.

What kind of "superpower" allows a cabal of squirmy-brained, perpetually agitating, endlessly combative and polarizing Zionists to get it by the balls and lead it around by the nose?

By allowing a narrow network of self-serving particularists to essentially infiltrate, corrupt and use and abuse the entirety of U.S. moral authority and military heft for its own narrow purposes and agenda, the Washington power structure has been exposed in front of the world as a paper tiger and a weak, decadent, decaying buffoon.

And the more the Zionists jerk it around, the weaker and dumber it -- and the entire country -- looks.

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