Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two-faced "liberal" Jewry votes like tea-partiers when it's their kin on the line

Turner victory in overwhelmingly Dem district suggests that Obama could be primaried from the right

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

Last night I listened to many broadcasting accounts of the Republican victory in the special election to Congress from Brooklyn Tuesday, in which former TV executive Bob Turner made Obama's policy re Israel a fighting issue and won; and one commentator after another played down the Israel angle.

Longtime liberal radio host Alan Chartock, Steve Israel (the Long Island congressman and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair), Hardball contributor Howard Fineman-- all dismissed the Israel angle as just another thing that hurt David Weprin, the Democrat and loser.

This seems timid, unimaginative, and unresponsive to events. Turner will be representing an overwhelmingly-Democratic district. Nearly a third of the voters are Jewish, and not all are Hasidim. Many are bourgy, many are liberals. And so I ask whether it is not time to retire the late Milton Himmelfarb's formulation, Jews live like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans. The other day many voted like tea-partiers, and Israel was a big factor.

Just look at the numbers at Brooklyn Politics: Of Jewish voters, 73 percent say they are Democrats, only 12 percent Republicans. And those Jewish voters don't cotton to Obama: 56 percent disapproval/41 percent approval.

Earlier this year Isaac Luria formerly of J Street and Eric Alterman both insisted that Jews are still liberals. But they're not liberals on Israel/Palestine. They are generally for the settlement enterprise, and against dividing Jerusalem. And when Israel becomes the issue in a campaign, they will expose this intolerant conservatism.

Chartock, Fineman and Israel said this is a one-off. I don't buy it. I think the race will have large consequences. The fact that Jews are overwhelmingly Democratic and overwhelmingly down on Obama creates the potentiality that Obama will be primaried from the right, by a Joe Lieberman-type who makes Israel the issue. I say potentiality not possibility because I don't think Obama and the party will allow it to happen; Obama will keep making rightwing signals on Israel...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Organized Jews are frauds and their supporters are terminally stupid or corrupt jackasses.

When in the diaspora, "Oh, throw the doors open, anything goes! Don't be so conservative and uptight. No need to worry about destruction of liberty, invasion of the Christian and Western way of life, Big Government corruption and erosion of freedom and liberty, left-wing race wars against Whites, Jewish swindling, money-grubbing and warmongering! And you don't want America turned into a whorehouse and the stock markets and housing markets into pump-and-dump casinos? What's wrong with you, why so uptight?! Pull that conservative stick out of your ass!"

Oh, but when it comes to Israel, suddenly the narrative changes:

"Oy vey, close da borders! Keep out da fillthy Black schwartz and Arab! Dey're animals! Write race laws to protect da chosen Jewish line! Ethnically cleanse da goy Palestinians, bomb dem into oblivion! Make sure da diaspora keep da money spigots flowing from dem stupid goys! It all belong to us anyway! We're da chosen!"

Why does Weiss try to maintain the fiction that this last isn't the true essence of Jewry and Judaism, and pretend that their true faces are liberal, tolerant, generous, and filled with good will? Deep down, he knows that's just another diaspora scam they play to loosen up the goy marks and suckers, and hoodwink them for everything they have on behalf of the Judeofascist agenda, with designs to ultimately subjugate them.

Another question: why do Judeophile liberals and Judeo-Christian Zionists play the same, deluded, head-in-the-sand game?

People too stupid or corrupt to see through Jewry, and too cowardly deal with the Judeofascist reality staring them straight in the face, are destined for the ash heap of history.

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