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Enemies of the Greco-Christian ethos: Judeofascists and royalist, Anglo-fascist Freemasons joined by way of Kabbalah worship


( -- by [Freemason] Bro. Raymond L. Schwartz --

Masonic scholars such as Alex Horne and Harry Carr, in previous studies have demonstated a relationship between the ancient Hebrew religion and its attendant symbols and certain aspects of Freemasonry.

A major motif in Freemasonry is the building of King Solomon's Temple, the search for light, and the lost word of a Master Mason. The temple and the ability of the high priest to pronounce the name of God properly while in the Holy of Holies comprised much of the substantive nature of the Jewish High Holy days of worship in ancient times. The activities of the high priest within the Sanctum Sanctorum is particularly featured in the Royal Arch Degree...

The Kabbaiists believe that the transmission of the name of God from master to pupil is part of the rites of initiation. The newly-raised brother also receives a word in a certain manner, which is never used in normal conversation. Masonically, the ability of a freemason to recite the word and reproduce it as it was given to him are the identifying characteristics of a Master Mason.

The Kabbalists study Sefer Yetshirah, or the Book of Creation. Again, the information in this book could only be communicated by the master to his disciple by word of mouth, study may explain the origin of the masonic practice of the "Mouth to ear" instruction.

All of the masonic oaths or obligaitons impose a requirement that the freemason should hold the work of Freemasonry to be inviolate. Furthermore, the act of creation of the world is particularly pronounced in the first degree of Freemasonry...

The Hebrew alphabet has 32 letters, which also serve as numbers. Some Kabbalists manipulate words and numbers for explaining much about the universe and the works of God. The number 32 denotes the number of degrees in the Scottish Rite. The Hebrew letters Yod, Heh, and Vav are an important symbol in the Royal Arch degree. Hebraically, these letters form the name of God and this is also a magnificent centerpiece of the Royal Arch degree. There is no question that the Kabbalistic En-Sof and the masonic manipulation of these letters are conceptually related.

The Kabbalists argue that there are 32 paths of widsom, which lead to knowledge about God. It is interesting to note that the Babylonia version of the Talmud has 32 tractates. Again, the number 32 is a significant feature in both the Kabbalah and Freemasonry.

Charles Ponce describes a magic circle that King Solomon created so as to protect himself from evil svirits. Within this circle one finds the Greek letter, Tau, which has been masonically represented as a combination the words "Temple, Hirosalmis" (Templum Hierosolymae or Temple of Jerusalem). Furthermore, the points of the compass in the circle correspond directly with the officers' places in the masonic lodge.

The Kabbalists contend that the soul is comprised of three levels. The Nefresh deals with all of the instincts and bodily desires. The Ruah concerns itself with morality and ethical conduct. The Neshama is the highest level of the soul and is related to the divine spirit of man. These gradations of the soul can be compared to the first three degress of Freemasonry.

The first degree relates to youth and so the Nefresh or bodily desires are paramount. The second degree in Freemasonry is identified as a freemason coming to full maturity, so that ethical conduct and control over one's desires is accentuated. The third degree represents old age and the fullness of maturity, which is also represented by the highest level of the soul, the Neshama, or in the case of Freemasonry, the Master Mason. Death awaits the Master Mason, but his soul is raised to divine heights. The Kabbalists warn us that reaching the level of the Neshama was only awarded to some and not guaranteed to all. Therefore, as is true with the third degree in Freemasonry, the level of Master Mason is only reached when a man proves himself worthy of that esteemed title...MORE...LINK


Comment on Freemasonry from
The cult of liberty has always been a favorite of the Freemasons. The liberty they seek is not the legitimate and due liberty from the burdensome constraints of socialistic governments, which a citizen may rightfully desire, but rather freedom from the authority of God, the "freedom" of the devil, the liberty of perdition, as Saint Augustine called it. They desire not the liberty of the sons of God, but the "liberty" which makes us slaves to sin.

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Anonymous said...

I've never understood exactly what Freemasonry is about. The Masons I've known seem nice enough, but the come off as a cross between AA grads and Amway salesmen when they get on the topic of Masonry.

I did know a Mason who complained about the souring of the traditional good relations between local Masons and Jews. He didn't go into detail (they never do!) but he seemed upset, and said they've been uppity lately.

Chris Moore said...

This is how the Jewish racket operates. It ingratiates itself into partnership with other groups, and then when it gets the upper hand, it wrings the partnership for all its worth with no regard whatsover for the interests of the goy.

You would think people would be wise to this by now. I guess greed overwhelms all good judgement for these goy dupes.