Monday, October 31, 2011

How self-enriching Jewry and its collaborators infiltrated and overthrew U.S. economic institutions, to the point of near national bankruptcy today

Introduction by Chris Moore:

In the video below, Brother Nathanael Kapner takes us through Jewry's slow insinuation, infiltration, and overthrow of the economic levers of America over the last several decades, to the point where we're at today: on the cusp of bankruptcy and impoverishment, even as organized Jewry is itself wealthier than ever.

Following World War II, and later, the end of the Cold War, America was in the cat-bird seat the world over. We could have worked towards being a benevolent Empire that pursued the highest Christian and Western ethics, ideals, philosophies and morality.

Instead, our “leaders” and “elites” sold their souls, sold out the country, and allowed Zionist Jewry, the most notorious nation-wreckers in the history of mankind, (a group that’s been expelled over 100 times in its ignoble history) to infiltrate and dominate the highest institutions in America. Worse, much of the country itself happily injected the money-worshipping, materialistic opium and licentiousness being sold by Jewry, and in a pathetic, narcotic state, told itself turning control over to Jewry “doesn’t really matter” (as if “exceptional” America was somehow immune to the laws of God and history that instructed us Jewry is rotten to the core, insatiable, and completely treasonous by way of 109 historical expulsions).

In addition to Zionist Jewry, I spit upon the generation of willing accomplices, lackeys, stooges and dupes that sold their souls and sold out the country to the Jews.

May the lot rot in hell forever.

While The Euro & Dollar Die

( -- by Brother Nathanael Kapner --

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