Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is Jewish doctrine's absence of ethics towards non-Jews behind runaway Wall Street greed?

(By Chris Moore) -- Jewish journalist Glenn Greenwald has an article on documenting that President Obama has taken more campaign donations from the “securities and investment” industry from 1989 through 2010 than any other political figure in the country.

Greenwald's point is that "Wall Street’s most lavishly funded politician" is hardly someone who will be interested in reforming the corrupt economic order that so quickly and easily whisked Obama to the top office in the land. Indeed, such a person is less likely to reform the corrupt Federal Reserve banking system, Wall Street's plunder of American jobs and industry, and the outsourcing of American jobs overseas in order to increase Wall Street profit margins than any other politician out there.

One un-explicit subtext of Greenwald's article was the large number of Jews who are responsible for Wall Street's insatiable greed, and the corrupt system that feeds them. Here are some of the verifiably Jewish operators who have enriched and empowered themselves by way of this system that Greenwald criticizes not as part of a Jewish racket, but in relation to Wall Street greed, corruption, and the rigging of the rules in a way that allows a tiny percentage of elites to funnel such a disproportionate amount of American wealth to themselves, and bankrupt thousands upon thousands of average Americans in the process:

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Rep. Barney Frank, former treasury secretary and Obama top economic adviser Larry Summers, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, Rep. Chuck Schumer, Obama's former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Obama's former director of Office of Management and Budget, now a top executive at Citigroup Peter Orszag...

This Jewish list comports with the exhaustive research and documentation carried out by writers for the Occidental Observer finding huge numbers of American Jews behind all manner of U.S. financial shenanigans, shady business dealings and corrupt enterprises for decades.

And Jewish-network criminalism has paid off. Research by the Jewish Telegraph found that "at least" 35% of the Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans is Jewish -- a remarkable finding given that Jews comprise less than 2% of the American population.

So what is behind Jewry's insatiable greed and utter lack of ethics?

Ex-Israeli Jew Gilad Atzmon, who has become a leading critic not only of Zionism, but of what he calls Jewish ideology or "Jewishness," recently put his finger on why Israeli Jewish Zionists tend towards outright criminalism vis-a-vis non-Jewish Palestinians...and ironically, it has to do with Jewry's legalistic culture.
According to [Jewish Zionist propaganda agent] Golan Azulai, everything Israel is doing is nothing but ‘legal’. Azulai is obviously wrong. But you may note that the Hasbara man cannot distinguish between ‘the legal’ and ‘the ethical’. This is indeed a fundamental problem within the Jewish discourse both secular and religious.

Judaism is the acceptance of God’s law. It is not an ethically oriented precept- it is a religious method of blind observance. Tragically enough, Zionism that was there initially to ‘liberate’ the Jew is, in practice, just another method of blind observance. In a Talmudic manner, Zionism would cling to legalism and avoid any form of ethical thinking. This fact alone explains why Israel is the biggest threat to humanity and humanism.
What Atzmon seems to be saying here is that because the indoctrinated Jewish brain is trained to look at the world through biblical and Talmudic legalese spelled out in black and white within Jewish doctrine (for example, instruction that God deeded Israel the Levant, Jews are God's chosen people, non-Jews are inferior to Jews, who have entitled primacy over "goyim," etc.), in the Jewish mind, Jews have a virtual free license to exploit Gentiles so long as some "legalistic" rationale can be found within Jewish doctrine (which given the racist nature of Jewish doctrine towards Gentiles, isn't difficult to find at all). And if some specific rule isn't explicitly spelled out somewhere in black and white for every situation, Jewish psychology interprets this as a license to steal.

This absence of ethics in Jewish doctrine vis-a-vis non-Jews combined with an explicit anti-Gentile antipathy certainly goes a long way towards explaining the psychology behind the Jewish bankers' mentality of entitlement to the American people's money simply because they have "legal" access to the Fed printing presses and credit-creating mechanisms, and also explaining Wall Street Jewry's "legal" plunder of the country's resources by way of industry and job export overseas in order to increase profit margins.

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